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I Guess Elizabeth Taylor’s Family Aren’t Lindsay Fans

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Poor Lindsay. It just seems like she can’t please anyone these days! We tell her to stop getting in trouble, and she stops getting in trouble (for a minute), then we tell her to get a job, and she goes ahead and lands several, but none of them are good enough for anybody! You expect her to show up on time and know her lines and be professional? Maybe you should lower your dumb standards for one minute, did you ever think of that?

Not really, of course. At least not when it comes to Lindsay playing Elizabeth Taylor. You can keep being totally dumbfounded about that, because Elizabeth’s people are pretty upset too:

Elizabeth Taylor’s family and friends are furious that Lindsay Lohan has been cast to play the screen goddess in a TV movie, insiders say.

“Liz’s sons, Michael and Chris Wilding, feel there are many other actresses who are far more qualified to play their famous mother,” a family friend told The Enquirer. “They think gorgeous and talented stars such as Cate Blanchett or Emily Blunt should have been short-listed for the role. Liz’s children feel their mom deserved better!”

“Liz was not only a great movie star, but a great philanthropist, and it’s a slap in the face to her memory to have this errant party girl play her,” huffed the family friend. “She’d be screaming bloody murder over this whole fiasco!”

I think Elizabeth’s family and friends have several solid points. I know that this movie is getting a crazy amount of publicity thanks to Lindsay, but still. Elizabeth Taylor was a legend. She was so beautiful, and she did so many amazing things with her life. Did you know that she organized and hosted the very first AIDS fundraiser in 1984? Because she did. Lindsay Lohan, meanwhile, has damaged her former good looks through drugs and booze, and she’s been in jail four times (though mostly for less than a day).

And then there’s the argument that many other actresses are more qualified to play Elizabeth Taylor, which I completely agree with. I think Cate Blanchett and Emily Blunt might be reaching a little – it is a Lifetime movie, after all – but there are definitely actresses who resemble Elizabeth more closely than Lindsay who don’t have such a bad reputation. One of you lovely commenters mentioned that Camilla Belle would be a good choice, and that’s been the best suggestion I’ve heard. Check it out:

A photo of Elizabeth Taylor and Camilla Belle

That would be good, right? But it doesn’t matter, because Lindsay as Liz is official, even though the physical similarities just aren’t there. May I present this:

A photo of Lindsay Lohan and Elizabeth Tayor

And this:

A photo of Lindsay Lohan and Elizabeth Taylor

And this:

A photo of Lindsay Lohan and Elizabeth Taylor

I hope you’re happy, Lifetime.

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