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Lindsay Could Be Headed Back to Court

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Remember that time that Lindsay Lohan hit someone with her car? No, not the time that she clipped a baby in a stroller, I’m talking about the time that she hit a dude while she was leaving a club (completely sober, I’m sure). We haven’t heard anything about it for a hot minute, but it looks like that was just because the police were trying to figure out how to proceed, if it all. They finally made the decision to hand the case over to the D.A. Awesome.

From TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan is about to go back to familiar territory — the L.A. County D.A. — because we’ve learned cops are sending the case involving an alleged hit-and-run by the actress to prosecutors.

The manager of the Hookah Lounge on Hollywood Boulevard claims Lindsay was leaving a nearby club March 14 when her car struck him … and he claims she took off without leaving any info.  Lindsay says the guy is making it all up and her car never came near the guy.

The manager’s story is hinky to say the least … lots of holes.  Nevertheless, we’re told the LAPD has completed its investigation and will send the file to the D.A. for review.

Sources close to the investigation tell us, after looking at videos and conducting interviews, there isn’t enough evidence to prove a crime, but the D.A. will have the final say.

Based on what we know … no way will Lindsay be prosecuted … for this one at least.

By the way, we’ve often heard that TMZ tends to be a Lindsay apologist, but the facts are there: “cops are sending the case involving an alleged hit-and-run by the actress to prosecutors.” And I think this could just possibly be another courtroom adventure for our dear Lindsay. Is the world ready for this?

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