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Happy Birthday, Christina Hendricks!

A photo of Christina Hendricks

On this day, thirty-seven years ago, Christina Hendricks was born, and the world has never been the same. Can you imagine a world without Christina Hendricks? If you asked me that question two years ago, I’d have answered with “who?” but now, everything has changed. She’s been such a force of beauty and ginger hotness in my life, and I can’t be without her again. If you asked me today to imagine a world without Christina Hendricks, I’d probably burst into tears and beg for you to stop, and after I calmed down a bit, I’d ask if I could sleep on her boobs. That’s how much this lady means to me.

In honor of her birthday, I went ahead and compiled a few pictures of her for you to peruse. I really didn’t think you’d mind.

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