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I’ll Just Leave These Pictures of Christina Hendricks Right Here

A photo of Christina Hendricks

Oh, hey there! Is it ok if I just drop these photos of Christina Hendricks off with you guys? I don’t know, I just thought some of you might care to see them. Thanks!

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    • im with you. they look horrible. get a dress/bra that they fit into, im pretty sure thats the definition of ill-fitting clothing.

  • hahaha, every actress sells herself and at least her boobs are real. what is she supposed to do? she has them and they are huge, if she doesnt wear dresses like that she looks super-pregnant. just leave her alone, she’s awesome

    • No way. My breasts are almost as big as hers and when I show cleavage my tits don’t look fake. Hers look like two plastic bags. If they’re real, she’s doing a very poor job at dressing herself — you can show cleavage without making it look so fucking awful.

  • Okay, I am a large chested woman and can I just say that her chest looks RIDICULOUS all hiked up and out like that? I mean really, that just looks tasteless and silly.

  • “OMG, am I the only one annoyed by her boobs? Why does she push them up like that? They look RIDICULOUS.”

    You might be the only one jealous as hell. Apart from that, you’re female so you might not appreciate it like I do