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John Mayer Wrote a Song About Jennifer Aniston

photo of jennifer aniston and john mayer pics
From Us Weekly:

Although they split nearly three years ago, the 34-year-old singer (whose exes also include Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt) penned his single “Shadow Days” (from the album Born and Raised) with Aniston, 43, in mind.

“Shadow Days is about Jen,” a source tells Us Weekly. “It really took him a long time to get over her. He really loved her a lot.”

Sings Mayer in the song: “”You find yourself alone. . . I found myself in pieces/ On my hotel floor/Hard times help me see/I’m a good man with a good heart/Had a tough time, got a rough start/And I finally learned to let it go.”

Explains the source: “He wrote the song as a farewell letter knowing [Jen] would hear it. Ultimately he’s done a lot of self reflection though and it he realizes they weren’t right for each other.”

The rocker and the Horrible Bosses actress first got together in April 2008 and, after multiple breakups, called it quits for good in late 2009. Aniston has been happily ensconced with Justin Theroux for over a year now. “[John and Jen] weren’t right for each other, but he is really a good guy.”

Oh! Do you guys even remember them dating? Because they did. It was a pretty serious relationship, too. Serious enough that they were “confirmed” to be “enjoying their friendship.” Ugh. John Mayer. In further detail, this is what he has to say about his previous relationship with Jennifer Aniston, through song:

Did you know that you could be wrong
And swear you’re right
Some people been known to do it
All their lives
But you find yourself alone
Just like you found yourself before
Like I found myself in pieces
On the hotel floor
Hard times have helped me see

I’m a good man, with a good heart
Had a tough time, got a rough start
But I finally learned to let it go
Now I’m right here, and I’m right now
And I’m open, knowing somehow
That my shadow days are over
My shadow days are over now

Well I ain’t no troublemaker
And I never meant her harm
But it doesn’t mean I didn’t make it hard to carry on

Well it sucks to be honest
And it hurts to be real
But it’s nice to make some love
That I can finally feel
Hard times let me be

I’m a good man, with a good heart
Had a tough time, got a rough start
But I finally learned to let it go
Now I’m right here, and I’m right now
And I’m open, knowing somehow
That my shadow days are over
My shadow days are over now

I’m actually speechless. I don’t know what’s crazier—the fact that this is the second girlfriend by the name of Jennifer that he’s written a song about (guys, he’s like the male Taylor Swift), or that Jennifer Aniston made John Mayer collapse on a hotel room floor*.

*Because she’s Jennifer Aniston, you know.

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  • Cigarettes and Astroglide,
    pussy warts that I can’t hide.
    Love is blind so I can’t see,
    give yo French pox to me.

    Writing a song ain’t shit.

  • SNL Skit ‘An Intimate Moment With Jessica Simpson and John Mayer’ must been seen to totally understand the sincere life lived to the fullest, even with sad partings, these all were suffering to trust and care inspirations John Mayer has for many of his ‘lost’ love songs..

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