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Everyone’s Talking About Taylor Swift’s Boobs

A photo of Taylor Swift

See? It’s because they look bigger now.

From Hollywood Life:

Taylor Swift may be known for her wholesome image and tearful love songs about boys that have broken her heart, but it seems the country cutie has jumped on the Beverly Hills bandwagon and had some plastic surgery. And you know what, I applaud her!

Taylor obviously felt self-conscious about the size of her breasts, so she did something about it!

Dr. Anthony Youn estimates that Taylor increased her cup size from a small A to a striking C.

“It looks very nice and proportional,” adds Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Fleming.

Going up two cup sizes makes an obvious difference on Taylor’s tiny frame. Thankfully she didn’t overdo it a la Heidi Montag! While getting plastic surgery is indeed a personal decision, Taylor has a history of being open with her fans. She wasn’t ashamed to share when Joe Jonasbroke up with her over text message and she openly sang about John Mayer breaking her heart, so why is Taylor being so tight-lipped about getting implants?

Fake breasts in Hollywood are as commonplace as Starbucks. After next week, three of the eight Teen Moms will even have them! Instead of hiding her surgery, Taylor should use this as an opportunity to create a dialogue about body image with her young fans.

I don’t know. I mean, she obviously looks bigger, but I really didn’t think Taylor Swift would be the kind of girl to get breast implants. If she is, more power to her, but she’s worked so hard on her squeaky clean image and that middle school vibe that implants just seem really out of place.

But again, here’s Taylor on April 2nd:

A photo of Taylor Swift

And here she is on April 23rd:

A photo of Taylor Swift

What do you think? The photos were taken three weeks apart, so would that be enough time to get the surgery and heal up enough to go out in a cute, tight dress? Based on my extensive viewing of Bridalplasty, I’m pretty sure it is.

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  • This is crazy. Maybe up until less than a year ago my boobs were always the same size – but now with my cycle they very clearly get bigger and then smaller. That could be the same with Taylor.
    Also – push up bras! Americans don’t seem to live without padding.

  • Definite push up bra. This kid has not been out of the spotlight for any amount of time, especially time to heal from implants.

  • what everyone else said-push up bra…especially if it’s a padded push up because those things are no joke
    people need to calm down

  • Gel bras can easily bump you up two cup sizes. What I really want to know is, where can I get that delightful stripey dress??

  • 20 days is no where near enough time to heal. Everyone I know that has had implants took at least a full month of healing,and even then they were not ready to go out in public, that took at least another week or so. Looks like a push-up

  • if you look in the april 23rd pic, you can kind of c the bra so it is probably a push up like the victorias secret bombshell, it adds 2 cup sizes

  • Don’t change a thing, Taylor. Your boobs may be small, but they suit you. You don’t need tits pushed up into your neck to look beautiful.

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