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Quotables: Taylor SWIFT (Not Momsen) Just Slammed Miley Cyrus I Think

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“I’m never gonna have the moment where I’m like, ‘I’m a woman now, guys. I’m only gonna write dark songs and I’m gonna dance in my bra all the time’. That’s not really me. I find that 22 is an age where a lot of times artists are like ‘I’m a woman now, guys’. I don’t know. I feel like it should happen naturally for me.”

OK, read that one more time and look at this photo and then tell me that she’s not taking a swipe at Miley Cyrus:

photo of miley cyrus pictures photos bra pics
Right? Or maybe she’s just taking a leaf out of Britney Spears’ book by saying, “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” or whatever that dumb song was. I just don’t know. Taylor Swift is just completely exhausting, and she might be a whole lot more tolerable if she didn’t open her mouth during these interviews or, you know, write lyrics to the music she composes.

And now wait. Before some of you go all nuts because I kind of get off shitting all over Taylor Swift, let me say that I actually have a POINT to make this time around. You all know that I’m not a fan. I don’t get her bubblegum country that’s all about throwing dudes she’s dated under the bus, and I also don’t get how – or why – she thinks she’s so much better than all of her peers combined, unless they’re people like Katherine Heigl. And that’s not saying a lot. Plus, she’s perpetually stuck in a sophomore state of mind and that, in itself, is annoying unless you are a sophomore in high school.

So, OK. The good side: she won a few Grammys. And some other musical awards. She’s got a solid following comprised of generally well-rounded people. I’ll say this – I’ve never met a Taylor Swift fan that was a horrible person. Girlfriend seems like she came from a decent home and she’s got a good head on her shoulders. But does she have any real friends? She alienates all of the girls that might consider befriending her and she obviously has a hard time remaining friends with any of her ex-boyfriends, so who does that leave? Her fans? Her mom and dad? Her trophies?

Dunno. But it’s sad how every time she opens her mouth, she’s inadvertently comparing herself to other people in the industry in some way, shape, or form. That might get you some talk in the newspapers and blogs, but it’s not going to gain you any friends, girl.

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    • Nobody said it was different. However, writing about a long lasting influential relationship that ended poorly is a little different than serial dating through Hollywood and being upset when you’re repeatedly dumped for probably being a stag five clinger. I don’t know, though.

  • Lol. I doubt Momsen even knows Miley Cyrus exists.

    And maybe Swift was making a reply to everyone who makes fun of her for still going on about teenagery things?

  • We’re questioning her ability to make friends because she thinks Miley’s a ho? Aren’t there plenty of girls she can make friends with that, you know, aren’t hoes? And isn’t she already bffs with Selena Gomez and Emma Stone? I honestly find her incredibly boring, but this post was just straight up petty. It wouldn’t have been such a let down if you didn’t claim to have a point and then proceeded to…. not have a point.

  • Does she have any real friends? How about Abigail, her best friend from high school who she is still photographed with/tweets at/brings to concerts/etc.? Or Selena Gomez, who sang onstage with her at her last concert on the Speak Now tour? Or Caitlin Evanson, her violin player on tour? Or Emma Stone and Katy Perry, who she’s discussed in interviews before. That’s a pretty bold statement about something that doesn’t actually have any relevance to the interview. And it implies that Taylor is interested in a friendship with Miley-which I’m sure no one but Taylor could determine. This whole article was baseless.

  • ughhhhhhhh taylor swift is like the new Katherine Heigl/Reese Whitherspoon. Superior snobby brat with special snowflake syndrome.

  • OMG; I can NOT stand Taylor Swift! She doesn’t seem like she has much between her ears; and I just want to slap that stupid look on her face, right off! She ALWAYS has the same look on her face…like something always surprises her.

    Ok, just me venting – hahaha.

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