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  • She has never been a good singer live, but, I have to say I give her major kudos for wearing (albeit large) actual UNDERWEAR. Not a skanky thong! She really is a decent role model, imo.

    • Yep, nothing says role model like granny pants and saying you’re worthless if you lose your virginity before marriage. Wooooo Taylor!

  • God you people are a disgrace and a bunch or pervs. You should be ashamed of yourself. Go fuck your self. All your doing is bashing taylor. She is nice and innocent. Shes making tons of success while you guys are NO WHERE. GO SCREW YOUR SELF ASSHOLES. -____-

    • Katie ,I bet you don’t even touch yourself during sex ,have you ever had an organism that left you breathless ,I’m thinking that’s what you need a nice slow tongue bath ,don’t say I’m gross you know you want to cum

  • I want to fook her like an animal,bass down face up thats the way I like to duck,One in the pink 3 in the stink ,I want to drink your pee, as you tinkle all over my face ,I bet her pee tastes like peaches and unicorn farts ….

  • Stop laughing at me! I want all pages of my embarrassing incident deleted! I’m actually really sexy you know, I’ve been known to wink at people seductively. Sexy right? I threw out all my spanx that night.

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