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These Are My New Favorite Pictures of Kim and Kanye

A photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

I am dying over here, you guys. I love these pictures with all my heart. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are, of course, the greatest couple of our generation, a love story to beat all love stories, but these pictures? They’re in a whole different universe of awesome.

Look at Kanye’s tongue hanging out of his mouth! Look at his blank expression as he goes to adjust his balls! Things like this make me legitimately wonder if Kanye West is a human being or some other life form entirely. I don’t know if he’s from a different planet or from a different time, or if maybe he has some special kind of mutation that we’ve never even heard about before, but Kanye can’t be like the rest of us. He just can’t.

Oh, and my very favorite thing about these photos:

A photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

His PANTS. His pants are falling down and you can see his dainty underthings! I also love how his eyes pierce through you in this picture, like he knows how golden he is with this. He’s like “I’m precious and irreverent and y’all can see my panties, peace!” Love. It.

By the way, these pictures were taken in New York. Kim and Kanye, or Kandashian, if you will, went out to dinner and then back to Kanye’s apartment. These pictures were taken as they were going inside Kanye’s place. What do you think happened? There’s some speculation that something happened in the car involving Ye’s genitals, which would make a lot of sense, given his blank expression and pulled down pants. That seems dirty to think about though, doesn’t it? Kandashian is too pure and too sweet for backseat blow jobs.

You can browse the gallery to see a few other photos from this darling evening, and afterwards, we can theorize about what happened to Kanye’s pants. Or we can just giggle together, that works too.

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