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Justin Bieber’s Fans Have Named His Penis

A photo of Justin Bieber

I don’t know how this happened, and I don’t understand it. I don’t get why fans would feel the need to name a celebrity’s penis, or why fans feel the need to name the penis belonging to Justin Bieber, specifically. I mean, have any of you ever even considered the fact that Justin Bieber probably has a penis? No, because it’s weird, right? It’s weird and creepy and it’s baffling, it really is.

But regardless of how creepy it is – which, just in case you’re still wondering, it’s really, really creepy – here are the facts: sometime within the past week or so, Justin Bieber’s penis was christened. It became a trending topic on Twitter, and when a London DJ asked the Beliebers if they had any questions they wanted him to ask The Biebz when he interviewed him next, a lot of the questions were about Justin’s … uh … manhood.

Which, by the way, is named Jerry.

From the Huffington Post:

Justin Bieber’s crazy fans have given his penis a nickname — Jerry — and it’s been trending on Twitter all week. We were under the impression that the majority of Bieber’s fans were under the age of 14, so we’re kind of creeped out.

In preparation for his interview with Bieber, London DJ James Barr took to Twitter to ask fans for questions, and one wanted to know how Jerry was enjoying the U.K.

The confused DJ asked “who is Jerry?” only to learn it’s the nickname fans bestowed on Biebs’ manhood. Naturally, in his interview with Bieber, Barr had to know if the 18-year-old old pop star was embarrassed.

“My fans are a little inappropriate,” Bieber told Barr, as a smirk spread across his face. “It’s funny. My fans are kind of inappropriate.”

Why did the Beliebers choose the name Jerry? Bieber has no idea either. “I don’t know, it’s just what they named it,” he said. “Jerry seems kind of like … ‘My name is Jerry…'”

Jerry. Really, Jerry? Justin’s right, it is sort of bland. I’m sure the Beliebers have some crazy reason for it though, one that I probably don’t want to hear because it’s too creepy to fathom. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Here’s a few things that pop up on Twitter when you put in a simple search for Jerry:

Me: mom I’d treat jerry really good ;) Mom: WOW Me: do you know who that is? Mom: Justin’s WEEWEE me: OH MY GOSH MOM mom: owww ow

Imagine Justin coming online and seeing ”We Want Jerry Inside Of Us” trending. LMFAO. I’D LOVE TO SEE HIS FACE.

First Justin gives a guy his iPad cover because he said he liked it now he gives a fan his shoes. Hey Justin, i like Jerry, can i have it?

I bet Jerry looks like the Empire State Building whenever Justin’s reading all these perverted tweets.

*20 years from now* Son: Mom, why’d name me jerry? You: … Justin: She loves jerry so much that’s why.

And just in case that wasn’t awkward enough for you, here’s the video of the interview so you can actually see Justin talk about his genitals:

Well, I think we’ve reached our quota of uncomfortable stories for the week, don’t you?

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