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Children & Youth Came to See Octomom Because She’s a Pig

photo of octomoms house pictures disgusting pic
And yet she’s supposed to be this big “inspiration” to women, right? The only “inspiring” she does for this lady is to move my stove away from the wall and f-cking sweep. Do you see the shit all over her floors? What the hell kind of hovel does she live in anyway? The lady’s on welfare. Do food stamps cover cleaning supplies? Come on. What happened to the ten grand here and there that could go to repairing the kicked-out hole in the door or the busted plumbing so that her kids don’t have to shit and piss in training potties in the backyard? Ten grand could buy a whole lotta sanitary Port-a-Potties, you know.

From TMZ:

TMZ has obtained pictures of Octomom Nadya Suleman’s home that have triggered a police and child services investigation into allegations that her 14 kids are living in horrendous conditions and are being grossly neglected.

TMZ broke the story, Octo’s hairstylist, Stephanie, went to La Habra cops Tuesday afternoon and filed a formal complaint. A La Habra cop and 3 reps from the Orange County Department of Children and Family Services went to Octo’s house Tuesday night to investigate.

One picture shows two children pooping in a portable training toilet in the backyard. We’re told the plumbing in the house is shot, and only one toilet is operational.

Another photo shows Octo just after she got her hair done. What’s shocking is that she locked her kids in the bedroom by propping a chair against the door so they couldn’t get out.

So Nadya’s hairdresser turns her in after visiting her at her home to do her hair. She takes photos and claims that Octomom regularly drops 500 bucks a month on haircuts and Brazilian blowouts, though she can’t afford food for her kids. What the hell is wrong with this picture? How could the Octomom even consider bringing someone into her home while it’s looking like that, let alone allow children to live there? And locking those same children in one room while she got her hair done? God!

Check out the photos in the gallery, all of which show various degrees of disgusting.

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  • Picture # 3 and picture # 9, it’s the same door, but it doesn’t say “do not enter” in picture # 9, unless the hair dresser took the pics in different occasions? Or maybe Octomom and her kids decided to paint the friggin’ door right at that moment, in front of the hairdresser? i doubt it. I wouldn’t defend Octomom for all the money in china, obviously she’s insane, and shouldn’t have ANY children at all, but it’s pretty obvious that the hairdresser has an agenda as well..

  • Who lives like that? Seriously? And why would the hairdresser even be willing to work in that house? Blech.

  • This woman has a population of her own children to look after. Yeah, yeah, she did it to herself, but maybe housekeeping isn’t her #1 priority and understandably so. She probably isn’t lying about becoming dirt poor, and it’s reflected in her household.

  • It does appear to be the same door, and the pics were possibly taken at seperate occasions because it states she comes once a month…

  • Wow, maybe Kate Gosselin will step in and show this bitch how it’s done! Can you imagine the ratings from THAT reality show?! Two of the most hated women in “reality” I say PRODUCE THAT BITCH

  • I can only imagine how insane life would be with that many children, but really it doesn’t matter if housekeeping isn’t her number one priority, she shouldn’t let her kids go around marking up the walls like that, and the older ones are old enough to be given the responsibilities of basic cleaning.

    • So what if they marked up the walls? Is there some must-abide-by law on interior design? I don’t see unbearable clutter and it’s not as if she could earn herself a position on hoarders.

      • It’s not about having interior design standards, it’s about having respect for your home. Can you honestly say that if that was your home, you would willingly invite people over without being embarrassed?

      • Did you miss the clothes piled on top of clothes piled on top of clothes in the one photo? They probably smell like mildew and last month’s fried chicken. Also, there’s crap all over the floor in the kitchen. Looks like bits of food, broken pieces of toys, and dirt. Gross.

  • Sarah did you miss the one where you continue to berate a single mother with a pileup of children who need the care of maybe 6 mothers? Poor taste. This all equates to big time woman-hatred on your part. There are some lines that, if you were raised properly, you wouldn’t cross.

    That’s all ya big fat bitch.

    • Except that she chose this for herself and is further exacerbating the situation by misappropriating money that could help her children live in better conditions. It’s a lack of perspective, or selfishness, on her part to pay so much for hair treatments and deny the funds to repair the indoor plumbing. If her children need the care of six mothers, and she is unable to afford nannies and has no husband or family to help her, then maybe the children should be in foster care.

    • If some idiot decides to keep pumping out children when she is unable to take care of them — and do it all in the PUBLIC EYE, mind you — people are free to judge them.

    • So it’s OK to be a scumbag and raise your kids in a scumbag environment because … what, scumbaggery is OK when you’ve got over three or four kids? Please.

      • No, you’re not moving past her having so many kids. You judge her austerely because of that. Some other ‘celebrity’ may not receive harsh criticism to this degree for an unkempt household because they didn’t make that mistake. Also, how do you envision a single-parent household with 14 kids? I know, I know…Mr.Clean-pristine-type-of-clean right?

        I’ll remind you that you also just posted a link with what Child Protective Services had to say.

    • So Anonymous….I am a single mother of 6 who has 3 major surgeries amd is still very ill and waiting for another operation, AND I WILL BE DAMNED IF MY CHILDREN LIVE IN A HOUSE LIKE THAT AND HAVE TO TAKE A DUMP OUTSIDE. She is not a fit mother if she spends that much money on her hair instead of hiring a cleaning service or plumber. I was raised to respect those who DESERVE RESPECT. She chose this life and now she should maintain her household and raise those children in a safe, clean, and stable environment. And as for your comment about celebrities, don’t you think at least they have to common sense to hire someone if they can’t manage the cleaning. My youngest is 3 and she knows how to pick up her mess and knows that the walls are not for drawing.

      • I guess this site can be used as a medium for life’s losers and beggars to try and receive praise by providing irrelevant and useless personal stories.

  • She had to have had some inkling as to what her life would be like with 14 babies, it’s unrealistic to think that she could do this alone (which she knew she would) and that she couldn’t pimp her babies out forever. Maybe it would have been in the best interest of everyone for her to make the decision to put those babies up for adoption, but no, she was selfish and now those kids have to shit in the yard, and live in filth.

    • “Maybe it would have been in the best interest of everyone for her to make the decision to put those babies up for adoption”

      You’re an idiot with no concept of how real life works.

      • Because real life is locking 14 kids in a room? I think any option that involves giving these kids a better quality of life seems perfectly logical…

  • Because giving up 14 kids for adoption is a better option? Who says a similar fate doesn’t await them in foster care? The chances that they will be cared for and brought up under proper living conditions varies completely. They may end up in a shithole worse than this, they may end up being bullied and hardening as a result of their fucked up reality. At least, despite all else, this woman is willing to fight for her kids.

    Also, would you give up your children if society was pressuring you to? Yes? Then you don’t them in the first place.

  • Wow. Get you facts straight did u know that the $520 hair bill was not only for her but all the kids had their haircut, as well as for one previous cut. No, dumb enough to belive what you read without any investigation. Don’t agree that she should have that many kids? If she aborted u would be calling her a mass murder, give your heads a shake. She is doing the best that she can pay attention to your own lives and stop trying to feel good about yourselves by putting her down. She should sue TMZ for deafamation.

    • “…pay attention to your own lives… ” — it’s a gossip site, hon. There’s an overwhelming likelihood that those of us who read this site (including you) are nosy and like to “pay attention” to others–celebrities and otherwise.

  • Octo-swine feels she does not have to put in a honest days work. So she has all these kids to support her LAZY ASS. Those will resent her one day my question who paid for all her plastic surgery?

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