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Britney Spears’ Fiancé Is Officially in Charge of Her Life

A photo of Britney Spears and Jason Trawick

Remember how Britney Spears went a little crazy a few years back and then everyone decided that it was best if her dad went ahead and took control of her finances and her life and everything? And remember how Britney’s soon-to-be husband, Jason Trawick, was supposed to be legally signed in as the other dude to be in charge of all that? Well, it happened. And it feels just as weird as we all thought it would.

From TMZ:

Britney Spears’ fiance Jason Trawick is officially the singer’s newest conservator — the judge in her conservatorship case just signed off on giving him legal power to govern Britney’s affairs.

TMZ broke the story … Britney’s dad and conservator Jamie Spearsfiled the petition earlier this month, asking the court to add Jason as a co-conservator. We’re told Britney also wanted Jason on board as co-conservator.

After the hearing, we overhead the lawyers say Jamie is “thrilled.”

The move makes total sense … considering the two are set to be married.

As co-conservator, Jason is now empowered to help decide how Britney will earn and spend her money — including the $15 million deal she’s about to sign with “X Factor.”


Hey, let’s consider this, all right? What would you do if you met someone really awesome, and you were attracted to her, and she seemed super, but then you found out that she was in a bit of a rough place and her dad was basically in control of her: would that be a deal breaker? Or would you maybe stick it out while that person got her life back on track? You wouldn’t marry her, would you? I hope not, because that would be kind of creepy.

I think there’s a difference between being in a relationship with a healthy, stable adult who becomes mentally ill or somehow incapable of being trusted with her own finances and big decisions and all that and entering into a legal relationship with someone who legally isn’t allowed to make her own decisions. Do you know what I mean? I mean this whole thing really creeps me out, and if Britney won’t be able to go out and buy her own wedding dress or pay vendors all by herself, and if she needs her dad to legally approve her marriage, then maybe she shouldn’t be getting married.

But what do you think?

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    • No it isn’t, Malia. The point is if she is considered mentally unfit to take care of herself and her finances, and someone has to be her guardian, then she can’t be mentally fit to make such a huge decision as marriage. How can you not see that?

      • CranAppleSnapple: My thoughts exactly. How can she enter into a marriage when she, legally, isn’t in control of her affairs, both personal and financial?

        I smell a GIANT lawsuit somewhere down the line over these decisions if her “marriage” blows up.

  • The conservatorship doesn’t seem like it’s going away anytime soon. She shouldn’t have to put her life on hold. She probably has a HUGE say in all the decision making, she just gets the support and approval from those who are the most important in her life. It seems nuts to me, but seems to be working out great for her. get on with your life, girl!

    • “She probably has a HUGE say in all the decision making, she just gets the support and approval from those who are the most important in her life.”

      I hope she does.

  • I dunno, it feels a little strange, but in all honesty, some things work for some people. Her life has stopped the downward spiral and dramatically improved, so I think maybe something about having people she trusts to guide and advise her life decisions works for her. She certainly seems much happier. Obviously….this only works because her dad doesn’t seem to be a douchebag…*coughmichaellohancough*

  • Well, I hope this guy isn’t someone who thinks he got handed the keys to the bank. And, yes, she does need a legal guardian. 2009 was only 3 years ago and she was a total mess. Remember her walking down the street with menstrual blood running down her leg? Shaving her head? Getting carried out of her home, strapped down to a gurney? She needs an attendant and if she wants to call him a husband it doesn’t matter. God knows what she would do on her own without someone making her take her medicine and see her therapist. I was starting to wonder just how much longer she had to live!

    • You’ve got to wonder, did she ever really have it “together”? She may have been a mess internally the whole time and just from all of the prep knew how to hide it…or rather…knew what we wanted to see from her.

  • When will people realize Britney is NEVER going to get “better”? She has gone beyond the point of return, mentally. It is weird that her husband is going to also be her conservator, but hopefully her father believes Jason is actually a good guy. This situation is kind of the best that’s going to happen. There is probably a reason why she has conservatorship, she is going to need it for the rest of her life. This makes Jason and Brits union more complete, but hopefully her dad has some sort of final say/control.