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Britney Spears: ‘Jason Trawick Break-Up Wasn’t All That Bad’

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Britney Spears has had some boyfriends in her life – and even a husband, for a few short weeks – but Jason Trawick seemed like he was there to stay. They even got to the point of getting engaged (like, for real this time, y’all) and seemed to be on a path of matrimony, though I don’t know if I’d call it happy since he stood to inherit and control ALL of her money since she’s still got that weird conservatorship over her. In any case, that relationship ended and you’d probably think Britney would be really torn up over it… but you’d be wrong.

Here’s what she said about the whole thing and how it affected her new album on This Morning (via DS):

“It was a hard break-up, but it wasn’t one of my hardest break-ups, but I definitely had some things to say in my album about it, so you’ll see.”

On her new album, she continued: “I wanted to do something that was a little more personal for my fans because I went through a lot this year and I wanted to share those personal moments with them.

“I co-produced it with He is so much fun to be with. It was really cool. He’s so excitable!”

Right, so who’s the worst break-up then? You thinking what I’m thinking? JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! I still think they would have a marriage made in heaven. Also, is everyone getting excited for Britney Jean?

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I Hate Everything About Britney’s Broken Engagement

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I don’t know when I grew so many strong feelings for Britney Spears, but they’re definitely there now. I loved her when I was 10 and her first album came out, and I’ve obviously felt a lot of sympathy for her over these past few years. But it’s never been to the point where I felt the need to talk to every single person I know about how horrible her situation is. If you couldn’t tell, that’s the point that I’m at now.

Just listen to this new story from People:

The new year has already been full of change for Britney Spears.

She’s left her gig as judge on The X Factor, her new puppy Hannah is gravely ill, and on Jan. 11 she announced she and fiancé Jason Trawick, 41, have called it quits after more than three years together.

While Spears, 31, told PEOPLE in an exclusive statement, “I’ll always adore him, and we will remain great friends,” a family source says the signer is “definitely upset about the split.”

What tore the couple apart? Spears, who has two sons with ex-husband Kevin Federline, had hoped to start a family soon with Trawick, but he wasn’t ready. Says the close source: “There were so many issues he wanted worked out before that” – including her neediness. “It was difficult for Jason to have his own life.”

Adds an insider: “Britney is very insecure and has had a lot of trouble with jealousy.” These insecurities may be heightened now. “[She] is very worried about being alone,” says the family source. “She is upset, but for a long time she has treated him like a friend, not a romantic partner.” The family source adds that some close to the singer, who had a breakdown in 2008, “are concerned about her future.”

I hate this so much. Maybe “it was difficult for Jason to have his own life” because he made the choice to be legally responsible for Britney’s life as well. Maybe she was needy because, according to the terms he agreed to, she needed him to do almost anything from spending her own money to making phone calls. Maybe she’s insecure because he’s treated her like a child for the duration of their time together, and that makes a romantic relationship pretty f-cking weird. I don’t know, I’m just speculating here.

Jason Trawick Broke Up with Britney’s Dad First

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Warning: this story is really, really gross and it will make you feel exceedingly sad for Britney Spears. It was also probably make you hate Jason Trawick, as well as Britney’s dad. You know, if you didn’t already.

From Radar:

Britney Spears’ professional life and finances aren’t the only things that are controlled by her conservators.

In fact, has exclusively learned that the Toxic singer, 31, had very little to do with the decision process regarding her split last week from Jason Trawick, which ultimately was left to and orchestrated by her father, Jamie, and her former fiancé.

“It really wasn’t Britney’s decision to announce the split last week, it was Jamie who made the call,” a source tells exclusively.

“Jason wanted out, and in the fragile state that Britney is in, it’s not like he could have a rational conversation with her about it, so it was really between him and Jamie. They decided how the relationship needed to end and how to go about the technicalities, such as removing Jason from the conservatorship, when he would move out and how to announce the split. Britney was left out of everything and really didn’t even know what was going on.”

When it was finally time to break the news to Britney, the source says the two men did it in a controlled and safe environment and were very careful explaining the situation to her, because they were afraid she wouldn’t take it well.

“Jason and Jamie wanted to make sure that Britney didn’t lose it, so they had to water things down for her a bit,” the source says. “She knows that the engagement is off and that Jason has been removed from the conservatorship, but she still hasn’t exactly grasped yet that the relationship is totally over.”

I hate this so much. I hate how Britney is treated by those who are supposed to love her the most. I especially hate how she’s supposed to be treated like a poor, fragile, broken woman, except when she can make some money. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: either Britney is too ill to be engaged and work on live television shows, or her conservators are taking advantage of her. Either way, Jason Trawick and Papa Spears are weird and gross and I hate them.

But for real, just think about it: this guy was prepared to marry this girl, but he didn’t think she could mentally handle a breakup. Is that not the skeeviest thing you’ve ever heard?

Britney Didn’t Want Jason Trawick Having a Life and That’s Why They Broke Up

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From People:

“There was no third party involved,” says the source of the couple, who began dating in 2009. “Things haven’t been ideal in their relationship for some time. There was a lot to work on before they could move forward and get married.”

One of those things may have been Trawick’s desire to maintain a life outside their relationship.

“Britney had a lot of issues with Jason doing his own thing – in business and seeing his friends,” another source says. “In her perfect world he would have been home with her twenty-four/seven, so that was a point of contention; something they were always working on.”

Though Spears recently purchased an $8.5 million mansion in L.A.’s Thousand Oaks neighborhood to live in with Trawick and her sons Sean, 7, and Jayden, 6, another source says everything wasn’t picture perfect. “They’ve been spending a lot of time apart in the last few months,” says the source.

While the pair’s relationship had become “frustrating,” according to the close source, they’ve put up a united front. Spears told PEOPLE exclusively in a statement Friday that she and Trawick are committed to remaining “great friends.”

After hearing news of the split, a source who saw the couple and her children in recent weeks says, “They both seemed happy. Especially Britney, I could tell that she was in a really great place. She smiled a lot. They were both really at ease with the boys.”

OK, so, understandable. I remember when I was eighteen years old, I lived with a guy that I had a “serious relationship” with (pfft), and one point of contention between the two of us was that hey. It was totally cool for me to hang out with my friends, but he wasn’t allowed to. He was supposed to stay in the house and do nothing and that’s about it. On the flip side, it was totally cool for him to hang out with this friends, but I wasn’t allowed to hang out with mine. I was supposed to stay in the house and do nothing and that’s about it. It’s, you know, something that immature couples often go through, and while it doesn’t make it right (because seriously—LOL), it makes it pretty commonplace. I’m just sorry that Britney—who’s thirty-one—and Jason—who’s almost forty-one—have to be acting like teenagers who know shit about the world and healthy relationships and independence.

Goodness gracious. You know, it took me just a few months of arguments about stupid crap that revolved around ego and possessiveness to realize that I had some growing up to do, and I did it right quick. As for Britney and Jason? Well. If all this is the case, somebody needs to chill the f-ck out and enjoy life for what it is. There are things of importance beyond basing your entire existence on your significant other out there, you know.

Britney and Jason: DONE

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Not only is Britney Spears breaking off her relationship with ‘X-Factor’, she’s also breaking it off with her long-term boyfriend and fiance, Jason Trawick. Britney’s rep had this to say about the couple’s split:

“Britney Spears and Jason Trawick have mutually agreed to end their one-year engagement. As two mature adults, they came to the difficult decision to go their separate ways while continuing to remain friends.”

And then Britney herself had this to say:

“Jason and I have decided to call off our engagement. I’ll always adore him and we will remain great friends.”

And then Jason himself had this to say:

“As this chapter ends for us a new one begins. I love and cherish her and her boys and we will be close forever.”

Lots of statements, guys. So many statements.

But really, all in all, a pretty bland-sounding statement about breaking up, not to mention, pretty vague reasons to begin with. Other sources, however, claim that the real reason behind Britney and Jason’s split was because Britney wanted more children, while Jason did not. The sources says that the couple often argued over having more children, and the reoccurring disagreement ultimately undid the relationship. I guess it’s a good reason as any, but it really only lends more credence to the idea that Britney and Jason were strictly a business arrangement, where Jason was hired solely for the purpose of being Britney’s companion. It’s still a possibility, you know?

Could it be that Britney’s finally getting her life back? I really don’t see what she could have seen in this guy anyway. Come to think of it, I don’t see what she saw in any of the guys that she dated or married, save for Justin Timberlake, because that one’s just a given. Maybe Britney’s got real shitty taste in men, and maybe Britney’s just chosen the last few dudes while under the influence of either meth or personality-altering drugs. Maybe Britney’s about to come full circle here, and really reclaim her life. Wonder who she’s going to date next!

I Guess Britney Spears Is Going to Be Single Soon

A photo of Jason Trawick and Britney Spears

Ugh, poor Britney. It’s always something, isn’t it? Last month the story was that she and Jason had planned to get married before the end of the year, but they couldn’t stop fighting long enough to plan everything out. And now it looks like Jason is definitely leaving Britney, and all that’s left to do is tell her.

He’s apparently already told Britney’s family so that she’ll “have a support system when he breaks the bad news.” He’s also being enough of a sweetheart to wait until this season of X-Factor is over so that she doesn’t have to do live television while brokenhearted. Isn’t that thoughtful?

Another thing: he still wants to be her manager. And he’s already one of her conservators, remember, so this plan may not be good for Britney’s heart, but it makes perfect sense for Britney’s bank account. Which is, obviously, the most important thing.

I’m not so sure I believe this, but that’s basically just because I want nothing but good things for Britney. This dude breaking up with her while he still keeps a firm grasp on her money? Not so good for her.


A photo of Jason Trawick and Britney Spears

From Radar:

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick had planned a romantic and intimate winter wedding, but after incessant fighting between the two, the impending nuptials have been called off, is exclusively reporting.

“Britney and Jason had planned to get married at the end of December, but they have been fighting non-stop so the wedding has now been called off,” a source close to the situation tells Radar.

“They are telling their friends it’s being postponed, but they will probably never make it down the aisle. Britney doesn’t think Jason is any fun and resents him because he acts more like a second father than a romantic partner, or equal.

“Britney and Jason have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for a very long time. She has been staying in a hotel during the week because of the live X Factor shows, and although Jason stays at the same hotel, he is in a room adjacent to hers. Jason feels like he is Britney’s babysitter and it’s pretty much just a business arrangement at this point. Jason does love Britney and the boys, but he just can’t see himself spending the rest of his life with her,” the source says.

“Britney’s parents are absolutely devastated that the wedding has been called off,” the source continues. “Lynne is very close to Jason and views him as one of her children. Meanwhile, Jamie feels that Jason shouldn’t have proposed to Britney if his heart wasn’t in it, and feels a little betrayed. It doesn’t help matters that both Jamie and Jason are co-conservators of Britney. The whole situation is just sad for everyone.”

I was all set to trash this story – it’s from Radar, they probably got the date wrong and they’re running this story to cover for when Britney and Jason don’t get married next month – but it makes sense, doesn’t it? Jason started out as her agent, remember, and since he’s a co-conservator, I think it makes perfect sense that it would feel like a business relationship. That’s what we’ve been saying all along: either Britney can handle her own life and doesn’t need the conservatorship, in which case her father and Jason are just using her, or Britney can’t handle her own life, in which case she doesn’t need to be making the choice to get married right now.

I’m concerned, friends. I truly am.