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Britney Didn’t Want Jason Trawick Having a Life and That’s Why They Broke Up

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From People:

“There was no third party involved,” says the source of the couple, who began dating in 2009. “Things haven’t been ideal in their relationship for some time. There was a lot to work on before they could move forward and get married.”

One of those things may have been Trawick’s desire to maintain a life outside their relationship.

“Britney had a lot of issues with Jason doing his own thing – in business and seeing his friends,” another source says. “In her perfect world he would have been home with her twenty-four/seven, so that was a point of contention; something they were always working on.”

Though Spears recently purchased an $8.5 million mansion in L.A.’s Thousand Oaks neighborhood to live in with Trawick and her sons Sean, 7, and Jayden, 6, another source says everything wasn’t picture perfect. “They’ve been spending a lot of time apart in the last few months,” says the source.

While the pair’s relationship had become “frustrating,” according to the close source, they’ve put up a united front. Spears told PEOPLE exclusively in a statement Friday that she and Trawick are committed to remaining “great friends.”

After hearing news of the split, a source who saw the couple and her children in recent weeks says, “They both seemed happy. Especially Britney, I could tell that she was in a really great place. She smiled a lot. They were both really at ease with the boys.”

OK, so, understandable. I remember when I was eighteen years old, I lived with a guy that I had a “serious relationship” with (pfft), and one point of contention between the two of us was that hey. It was totally cool for me to hang out with my friends, but he wasn’t allowed to. He was supposed to stay in the house and do nothing and that’s about it. On the flip side, it was totally cool for him to hang out with this friends, but I wasn’t allowed to hang out with mine. I was supposed to stay in the house and do nothing and that’s about it. It’s, you know, something that immature couples often go through, and while it doesn’t make it right (because seriously—LOL), it makes it pretty commonplace. I’m just sorry that Britney—who’s thirty-one—and Jason—who’s almost forty-one—have to be acting like teenagers who know shit about the world and healthy relationships and independence.

Goodness gracious. You know, it took me just a few months of arguments about stupid crap that revolved around ego and possessiveness to realize that I had some growing up to do, and I did it right quick. As for Britney and Jason? Well. If all this is the case, somebody needs to chill the f-ck out and enjoy life for what it is. There are things of importance beyond basing your entire existence on your significant other out there, you know.

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  • I know it’s early, but can we discuss all those speeches from last night (my husband, pretending to be interested, asked after both Costner’s and Foster’s, “So is he/she retiring?”) and also, Jon Hamm’s girlfriend’s face???

  • When you’re 31 and working on a reality show , various projects, finding time to be with a loved one can be VERY difficult , it’s about prioritizing, plus throw in kids to the mix. Responsibilities are a tad different when you’re an immature 18 year old, working where??? Lol
    Even as I am 30yrs old balancing two jobs, grad school apps and house searching/ buying, we manage but it gets tiring only seeing the s.o. For a couple hours before bed.