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Britney Spears: ‘Jason Trawick Break-Up Wasn’t All That Bad’

photo of jason trawick and britney spears pictures

Britney Spears has had some boyfriends in her life – and even a husband, for a few short weeks – but Jason Trawick seemed like he was there to stay. They even got to the point of getting engaged (like, for real this time, y’all) and seemed to be on a path of matrimony, though I don’t know if I’d call it happy since he stood to inherit and control ALL of her money since she’s still got that weird conservatorship over her. In any case, that relationship ended and you’d probably think Britney would be really torn up over it… but you’d be wrong.

Here’s what she said about the whole thing and how it affected her new album on This Morning (via DS):

“It was a hard break-up, but it wasn’t one of my hardest break-ups, but I definitely had some things to say in my album about it, so you’ll see.”

On her new album, she continued: “I wanted to do something that was a little more personal for my fans because I went through a lot this year and I wanted to share those personal moments with them.

“I co-produced it with He is so much fun to be with. It was really cool. He’s so excitable!”

Right, so who’s the worst break-up then? You thinking what I’m thinking? JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! I still think they would have a marriage made in heaven. Also, is everyone getting excited for Britney Jean?

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