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Britney’s Conservatorship is Not Over

photo of britney spears and jason trawick engaged pics
You know who we haven’t seriously sat down and talked about in awhile? Britney Spears. Yup. I mean, yeah, we talked about how Evanna Lynch wants to play Britney in a biopic, and we watched that frankly horrifying video where Britney Spears was face-morphed like Lindsay Lohan, but there hasn’t been a whole lot of earth-shattering Britney news since she got engaged to Jason Trawick, and that was back in December of ’11.

The latest news, however, is not that Britney‘s conservatorship is ending, because it’s not. Lots of people were saying, “Yeah, Britney’s got it all together again and 2012 is the year that Britney’s going to be able to take real control back over her life and everything that happens in it,” but guys, they were wrong. They were actually so wrong. Not only is her conservatorship not ending, the court system is adding soon-to-be-husband Jason Trawick to a list of conservators. Which now means that Britney’s not got one conservator, she’s got two. Her dad still remains in primary control, but when she marries Jason Trawick, presumably later in the year, he’ll be her “co-conservator.”

From TMZ:

Sources tell us … Brit’s conservators will be filing a petition later today to add Jason as a co-conservator … a move that makes total sense considering the two are all set to be married some time in the near future.

We’re told Brit’s dad Jamie Spears — who is already one of the conservators — is “thrilled” about the move.

Oh dear. Why do I feel so icky about this? Is it because she’s got not one, but two male overseers in her life that control, and will continue to control, every aspect of her life, probably right down to what she’s “allowed” to eat on the regular? Where she’s allowed to go, who she’s allowed to talk to, what clothes she’s allowed to wear? I realize that Britney’s still not the picture of perfect mental health, but come on. Wow. And is it not kind of creepy that her husband will be one of these controllers? It almost makes you wonder if this has been her dad’s aim right from the beginning, making sure his daughter settles down with a guy that’s OK with managing her life and f-cking her on the regular.

Dunno, guys. The whole thing is really, really weird to me, but I guess that’s par for the course in poor Britney’s life, huh?

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  • Well, it seems like a lot of power for a husband to have over a wife but if a wife were to ever have to concede power, then who would make more sense than a husband? At least the threat is minimized by a person outside of the marriage being able to step in and protect her in some way. I guess in this situation there is no perfect answer.

    • I get what you’re saying, and if I ever went batshit, I’d want my husband to be first in command if it came to that, but you almost have to wonder if her creepy dad placed this guy in her life from the beginning to achieve this end result.

      • Well that would definitely be disturbing but I think the likelihood of that having been planned is low. I mean, they’re not the Kardashians. My concern is what role did Britney play in the decision for Jason to have that kind of legal authority over her? I personally, as the husband, would have some serious misgivings about entering that relationship in that manner but would have just as much of an issue with the idea that I’d have to negotiate with her father over issues that should stay within the marriage. I wonder if Britney raised the suggestion that Jason be coconservator to satisfy his misgivings as a best of the worst scenario.

  • Someone needs to grant conservatorship to her bras. I swear to God, she never wears them! She’s going to regret that one day when she steps on one of her boobs.

  • I think it’s creepy. Imagine your husband being not only able to tell you what to do, but you’re legally obliged to do so. Very, very creppy.

  • I don’t think Britney should be allowed to marry until she is mature enough to handle her own financial affairs without a conservator.

    • My thoughts exactly. Seems odd that she can make the decision to marry someone, but can’t run her own affairs? Something’s not right about that. I bet a good lawyer would raise all kinds of interesting questions if she had a true advocate.

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