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Katy Perry Wants to Be A Movie Star!

A photo of Katy Perry

Can I just say one thing real quick? The world does not deserve to suffer through more of Katy Perry‘s acting. It’s unfair and it’s cruel. Honestly, I feel abused from seeing her Proactiv commercial every once in a while, and I don’t think I should have to be submitted to actual films.

But don’t mind me, because Katy wants to be a star!

From the National Enquirer via Celebitchy:

Quirky singing sensation Katy Perry is planning to hit a new high note in her career…as a movie star.

The songbird known for her wild fashion style and revolving hair colors has already branched out by being a spokesperson for Proactiv skin care products, and she now wants to add “leading lady” to her resume.

“Even people who don’t know Katy’s music know her form her Proactiv ad campaign,” said a close source. “With her photogenic face, producers are confident she’ll be able to make the jump from the recording studio to the big screen.”

To accomplish her new goal, Katy has enlisted the help of “Saturday Night Live” star Kristen Wiig.

She’s betting that Kristen, who’s also won raves for her acting and scripting of the movie hit, Bridesmaids, can help katy reinvent herself in the wake of her split from comic actor Russell Brand, say insiers.

The “Part of Me” singer and the “SNL” funnylady have been fast friends since Katy hosted the late-night comedy show in December.

“Katy is plotting a huge image and career makeover,” revealed the source. “Coming off a painful divorce from Russell, she wants to start fresh. She feels like she’s reached her full potential as a musician. She is looking for new challenges and is begging Kristen to write a comedy for her.”

The 27-year-old pop idol has already had some minor screen roles. But with Kristen’s help, she’s hoping to make movie magic, and if a role calls for showing a lot of skin, Katy’s all for it.

“Although Katy is a real-life preacher’s daughter, she’s not shy,” said the source. “She’s never had a problem showing off her ample assets.”

Here’s why this sucks: if Kristen Wiig writes a movie, I feel like I’ll have to see it: I loved Bridesmaids too much not to. But Katy Perry? Really? Katy Perry acting out Kristen Wiig’s visions? Can someone please tell me what the hell I ever did to deserve this?

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  • So she finally realised she’s a shitty singer with shitty songs and is now moving on to shit up the movies?

  • Honestly, I find this a quite rude article, see this site just proves everyone on here has no lifes & all they do is spend there fat ass on the computer saying shit about stars.

    I am a katy perry fan, and she’s my idol I use to have the MOST horrible voice in singing, had horrible grades & then I said “Well, I want my dreams to come true & be famous maybe one day like Katy Perry and sing!” And now, I play Guitar and I have only been playing 2 years very fast, I sing better and haven’t damaged any vocals & get A’s THAT is a huge change for me, I was always the negative students & seeing this is just pathetic, get a life honestly!

    I am a fan, I don’t care if you say “Yeah, she has a horrible voice! Why is she even singing?” You obviously haven’t heard Selena Gomez sing. Because Katy is way better, I do enjoy Selena & I am a fan too, but I don’t cry over celebrities all I am is a fan, if I don’t like something I say “Whatever, there choice it’s not my life, that’s there choice” since when do fans pick what they want? I am sure if you had a dream you would want to start fresh, being divorced. I would pay big money to watch Katy Perry on big screen, she is an idol of mine, she is kind at some points she may go crazy, but hey were all allowed fun in ours lives. Who cares you may say “She can’t sing!” hate on her, but she has her fans they’ll ALWAYS support her until she dies, heck no even when she dies she will always be remembered because there are FANS that care about her, cry to meet her, gay guys that look up to her. And instead you complain about her being on the big screen? It’s her choice, instead of being a jealous loser get your fat ass up & start getting interested in sports, this site is pathetic & I only commented to laugh at this all ROFL it’s hilarious this site, and all it does is make celebrities feel bad about themselves & want them to kill themselves.

    [Sorry, I clicked “Submit Comment” when I was moving my mouse when I wasn’t done typing.]

    [I am a fan of Justin Bieber, I like him because all of the things he’s done for children and what people call him “Gay, you suck!” Honestly, look at the things he did, he’s one of the stars that care about there fans, follow there fans & helps them instead of being selfish with money. Now that is a kid we need in our lives, and all he does is get hate from pathetic sites like this, full of no lives. HA]