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Here’s Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” Music Video!

Over the weekend, I showed you guys the teaser for this music video. I didn’t get it. But now Katy Perry has gone and released the whole thing, which you can view above. And I still don’t get it.

Let’s do a breakdown, shall we? I’ll list prevalent thoughts and questions, and we can discuss them. It’ll be great fun for everyone involved.

0:06: Why is Katy Perry sitting outside of her boyfriend’s office looking at a locket with their pictures inside it? Is she this dude’s girlfriend or his stalker? Is this whole thing happening inside her head?! Ok, I know we’re getting a little deep for the very first topic, so let’s just slow down and say “hey, creeper.”

1:02: I only know a handful of people in the military right now, and from what I’ve gathered, none of them made that huge decision based on a bumper sticker they saw on a bulletin board in a gas station. They put a little more consideration into it then “ugh, worst breakup ever, the Marines are totes the answer.”

1:16: Girls that cut their hair off while crying are not in the best of mental health. Just ask Britney Spears.

1:25: She’s strapping her boobs down because … oh, it’s because boobs aren’t allowed in the military, right?

1:30: Cute panties though!

1:39: Look, you guys, her uniform says “Perry” right on it! Does that mean she’s not playing a character? Does it mean this story is closer to her than it seems? I’m not saying the whole Marines part or anything, obviously, but maybe Russell Brand cheated on her and it drove her a little crazy perhaps? Maybe?

1:48: I can’t decide it Katy look super cute with her hair that short or not. Sometimes it makes her look adorable, but sometimes it just makes her look awkward. Thoughts?

3:07: It’s hard to tell exactly why I think this part is so absurd. She’s in her uniform, with her little cap, dancing under a big ol’ flag and singing about some dude. I have no idea.

Well, that about covers it on my end. How do you guys think Katy did with this one? What does it all mean?

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  • “ugh, worst breakup ever, the Marines are totes the answer.”

    hahahaha :D

    yeah i didnt get the boobs part either!!! wth

  • I really hate it when dumbasses like Katy Perry do this military montage crap. No, that’s not the kind of cammo (facepaint) we use, nor is it the pattern…none of this shit actually happens. It’s just a fake ass persons poor interpretation of what it’s really like to be in the military.

    Dear Katy,
    Just sit there, look pretty and sing your awful music. Please keep your crappy interpretation of what it’s like to be a Marine to yourself.

    K? Thx.

    • why is that u people have to be such HATERS. Its ok to dislike, but you dont have to hate. And if you do, keep it to your self! If you dont like a person why waist ur time talking trash about them!?

  • I thought the video was as daft as she is, and don’t get me started on the actual song. I liked her without so much make up, but the wig was godawful. I’m sure she’d suit a pixie crop, though.

  • I’m not familiar with US Military forces but surely if the Marines actively encourage women to join then chopping your hair off and strapping your boobs down in an effort to hide your gender (which in itself seems insulting to the plight for women to be accepted in the military) – is just unnecessary. Given she’s running around with other women surely a ponytail and sports bra would do the trick. Stating the obvious but.. ugh I don’t even know anyone in the defense forces and I find this cheap and insulting, and then there’s the shitty, soul destroying “music”.

    • I’m not in the Marines, I’m in the Army, but as far as our rules and regulations go regarding wear and appearance in uniform is very similar. As far as the hair goes, I think it’s easier to have long hair. Secondly, no one straps their boobs down like this nitwit unless your running (and in that case, all girls do that because who wants to be flopping all over the place? Ouch.) Lets be honest…if you’ve got em’ you want to flaunt em, but there’s a time and place for everything. Obvs.

      I can’t watch movies or “music” videos that are military focused. Everyone fucks it up so royally and all I do is sit there and pick apart all the inaccuracies.

  • She is much prettier than I thought with lighter makeup and ditching the vintage style. The short hair looked too fake, hard to judge. I didn’t think the video went with the song, but eh.

  • what in sweet hell did i just watch?!?yeah i hope no one has decided to join the Marines because someone cheated on them? and they saw a crap bumper sticker? and it’s not the 1800s homegirl did not have to cut her busted wig into a pixie(which would look cute on her if she went back to black hair which i’m dying for cause her blue hair looks like ass) and bind her boobs&i’m not in the army or marines but yeah that’s not what the camo looks like(research:they didn’t do any) ALSO-is it me or does this song just have four words repeated over and over again?

  • ‘We used only Marines. … For three days, I was a wannabe Marine, which was so difficult.’
    The video was shot over several days in February at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base in Oceanside, California.
    Katy threw herself into the boot camp: ‘Those people work hard and work out.

    by posting that i’m not defending her or anything but he at least she acknowledged she isn’t a real marine and that she knows they work hard, so yeah

  • “0:06: Why is Katy Perry sitting outside of her boyfriend’s office”

    they’re not making whole length movie, so for duration sake I think its not a flaw.

    “1:25: She’s strapping her boobs down because …”

    they’re too huge, and can make the girls on marines envy LoL

  • The way her eyes look, u can tell she REALLY means what she’s saying in the song! :)

    were there for u katy!

    Katy cats 4 life!<3 ;) (hope i said that right, lol :P)