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What Is Up With Katy Perry’s Face?

Last night’s Saturday Night Live season opener was exceptional from start to finish, but one thing throughout the night kept bugging me. Musical guest Katy Perry’s facial expressions during both of her performances and both of the sketches she co-starred in were so over-the-top that it was uncomfortable to watch. The fact that she can’t sing live doesn’t bother me a whole bunch. The fact that she relies on her sexuality so much isn’t a huge turn-off, either. It’s those damn faces! Last night was her Sesame Street appearance all over again, except this time on crack.

You know what I think it is? She doesn’t know that the expressions and movements she makes on a stage in a huge theater or on a backdrop as large as the VMA stage don’t translate to small television performances. It’s like someone acting for Broadway in a film. You don’t need to sell it for the cheap seats when there’s a camera three feet from your face.

Did you guys pick up on that, too? The show was really funny last night, but I don’t think I laughed as hard as I did when my roommate responded to Katy’s sexy wink at the end of her Teenage Dream performance (above) with, “UGGGGGGGGHHHH.”

All of that said, her tits are incredible.

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  • I only caught the last 45 minutes or so of the show and it was garbage. I think the writers now are just picking the worst possible ideas now in hopes that people will tune in strictly to see how bad the show is every week.

  • I think it was fine. She actually can sing unlike Kesha’s performance last season. My only problem was the shocker gesture in the place of west coast at the end of California gurls. and could her skirt be any shorter?

  • i didn’t pay attn to her performance last night, and i can’t be assed to watch it now, but i agree w/ you molls, last night’s show was very funny!!

  • Wow, other than the fact that she was fighting the hell out of the beginning of the song; I thought she did well; as with Elmo too… just more Katy-hating by Molls. the outfit was awesome, she looked awesome except for the unfortunate eye makeup; and the way you described it, I was expecting a ‘full head bob/45degree tilt wink’…what did I miss…

  • I agree- I remember watching the Sesame St clip and thinking the exact same thing: whats the go with her face? You see it happen all the time.. as soon as someone gets a little famous they become a caricature of themselves- OTT and annoying.

  • I quite like her as a celebrity- obviously not the music, which is pretty crappy but she doesn’t annoy me much. Saying that, the clips I have seen recently of her performing are just awful. The faces- the cheesyness… What’s with this cheerleader song? Britney did the mini-skirt thing a lot better years ago. Katy’s not really believable as a cheerleader singing “let’s go all the way tonight” because we all know she’s shacked up with a notorious sex fiend. And the outfit on sesame street… I don’t blame Elmo for running away, I wouldn’t want to play with some needy girl with shiny boobs either. The faces are just weird- every photo you see of her she looks great but then when her face is moving she looks like no amount of makeup and sexy clothes can make her hot enough to be famous. It’s weird, Lady Gaga is the opposite- she looks disgusting in photos, but performing manages to bump herself up to reasonable- looking. Although I think her music is the plague.

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  • She was perfect and you are just jealous to complain about this perfect girl… What is wrong with you? Get a life!!!