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This is What Casper Smart Was Doing Before He Caught J. Lo

OK, so enter the weirdest, most uncomfortable-to-watch video that you’ll probably ever see Casper Smart in. The thing was done for the ‘Save the Honeybee’ campaign (a campaign with a really, really slick website, if you ask me) a few years back, and it features Jennifer Lopez‘s backup dancer boyfriend crumping – wait, no, krumping, I’m sorry – to seizure music that’s, I guess, supposed to sound like bees humming.

All I know is that it’s a damn good thing that Queen J. Lo buzzed on down and rescued Casper from his droning-ass life as a Bee-lister, bee-cause I just can’t fathom Casper bee-ing anything more than a shitty bee-ackup dancer for … never mind. I’m out of ideas, here, guys. I’m tapped. I’m out. I’m outta here, just like the honeybees.

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  • As ridiculous as the costumes and floor of the video was, it was for a cause, called colony collapse disorder, which has now been directly linked to deadly pesticides and GMO crops.

    Anyway, that aside, I think that is really cool that Casper was involved in such an important cause as CCD & he is clearly a very talented dancer. Go Casper. And same to everyone else who participated in that vid & had the guts to rock those costumes! Nice!

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