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Mark Ballas Got Into a Pretty Embarrassing Fight With His Girlfriend

Dancing With the StarsMark Ballas‘s girlfriend is angry at him, and the above video captures what appears to be a fight about Mark going back on his word to quit smoking. TMZ filmed the two, and noted some of the more amusing comments from their heated conversation:

Tiffany screams mid-argument, “You’re such a d**k when you drink.” For his part, Mark tells Tiff, “You can cry me a river for all I care, and you can swim in it.”

Mark tells Tiffany, “You punched me in face 3 times today.” She responds, “I was dancing.”

Tiffany thinks Mark’s fibbing about smoking is a gateway lie: “It makes me wonder what else you lie about. Yeah, exactly, exactly, exactly, what else have you lied to me about?”

At one point … Mark yanks Tiffany’s key chain from her, removes his house key and then hands the chain back. She pushes him and he leaves.

Now, wait a damn minute. How old is this Mark Ballas? Twenty-five. He’s going to be twenty-six next month, apparently. And he’s fighting with his apparently dumb girlfriend (“I was dancing”? Really) over cigarettes? Or rather, his girlfriend’s fighting with him – over cigarettes? Oh man.

You know, I get it. We’ve all been there, and anyone who claims that they’ve never argued with their significant other while drunk, well. They’re just lying. My husband and I, for example. When we first started dating seven years ago, we’d argue over the dumbest shit while drinking, like who the real hero of Star Wars was – Luke Skywalker or Han Solo; how you really can say a word so many times that it ceases to make sense any longer; and even things like whether the capital of Vermont is Burlington or Montpelier (what can I say – we’re nerds to the umpteenth degree). So I get it, guys. But fighting in the middle of the sidewalk, outside a bar, when you’re famous enough to be a recurring player on a show that a lot of people watch? Come on. That’s, like, sixteen-year-old shit. I expect this kind of business from people like Amber Portwood or, you know, a pregnant Snooki. That’s just kind of trashy.

I thought you were different, Mark Ballas, especially when you began dating that lovely Pia Toscano and then remixed that Rebecca Black song. But that all ended, and you ended up with a chick who’s going to be all dramatic in the street. And you indulge it. Good Lord, son.