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Mark Ballas

Mark Ballas Got Into a Pretty Embarrassing Fight With His Girlfriend

Dancing With the StarsMark Ballas‘s girlfriend is angry at him, and the above video captures what appears to be a fight about Mark going back on his word to quit smoking. TMZ filmed the two, and noted some of the more amusing comments from their heated conversation:

Tiffany screams mid-argument, “You’re such a d**k when you drink.” For his part, Mark tells Tiff, “You can cry me a river for all I care, and you can swim in it.”

Mark tells Tiffany, “You punched me in face 3 times today.” She responds, “I was dancing.”

Tiffany thinks Mark’s fibbing about smoking is a gateway lie: “It makes me wonder what else you lie about. Yeah, exactly, exactly, exactly, what else have you lied to me about?”

At one point … Mark yanks Tiffany’s key chain from her, removes his house key and then hands the chain back. She pushes him and he leaves.

Now, wait a damn minute. How old is this Mark Ballas? Twenty-five. He’s going to be twenty-six next month, apparently. And he’s fighting with his apparently dumb girlfriend (“I was dancing”? Really) over cigarettes? Or rather, his girlfriend’s fighting with him – over cigarettes? Oh man.

You know, I get it. We’ve all been there, and anyone who claims that they’ve never argued with their significant other while drunk, well. They’re just lying. My husband and I, for example. When we first started dating seven years ago, we’d argue over the dumbest shit while drinking, like who the real hero of Star Wars was – Luke Skywalker or Han Solo; how you really can say a word so many times that it ceases to make sense any longer; and even things like whether the capital of Vermont is Burlington or Montpelier (what can I say – we’re nerds to the umpteenth degree). So I get it, guys. But fighting in the middle of the sidewalk, outside a bar, when you’re famous enough to be a recurring player on a show that a lot of people watch? Come on. That’s, like, sixteen-year-old shit. I expect this kind of business from people like Amber Portwood or, you know, a pregnant Snooki. That’s just kind of trashy.

I thought you were different, Mark Ballas, especially when you began dating that lovely Pia Toscano and then remixed that Rebecca Black song. But that all ended, and you ended up with a chick who’s going to be all dramatic in the street. And you indulge it. Good Lord, son.

A Very Kardashian Thanksgiving!

A photo of Bruce Jenner and Kim Kardashian

I am so, so sorry, you guys. I know that on Thanksgiving day, you were just sitting around with your boring old family, eating pedestrian turkey and peasanty stuffing. You hemmed and hawed every time somebody mentioned that dumb parade, and when your stupid cousin asked you to pass the potatoes, you could have just about bitten his head off. And who could blame you? Your mind was completely occupied with wondering what your favorite family was doing for the holidays!

Thanks to Khloe Kardashian and her blog, we don’t need to wonder anymore! Now we know that poor Bruce Jenner looked weird, Kourtney Kardashian‘s adorable son Mason was adorable, and that Dancing with the Star‘s Mark Ballas showed up to play a little guitar. Feel better? I know I do!

Oh, and speaking of Dancing with the Stars, guess who’s being courted to appear on the next season. Kris Jenner, y’all. Could the day get any better?

The Dancing With the Stars Friends Remix ‘Friday’

Just when you thought the Rebecca Black pandemonium had died down to a dull roar, those crazy kids on DWTS have gone and resurrected ‘Friday’ with their own spin, and it’s actually not half bad if you can get past the whole idea that, despite different players, IT’S STILL ‘Friday,’ ffs. However? Though Mark Ballas is way hot, and I’d just love to be Pia Toscano these days (who was lurking on the sidelines, trying hard not to be filmed), the beatboxing and awkward jiving was just embarrassing. If this is what Mark’s like behind closed doors, man … you in danger, girl.

Pia’s Performing on Dancing with the Stars, You Guys!

A photo of Pia Toscano

I tried to soothe your hearts a couple of weeks ago, right after Pia got eliminated from American Idol, by letting you know that she’s in talks with Interscope and that she went on a date with Mark Ballas and that she’s doing great in her life.  Well, saddle up, Pia fans, because things just keep looking up for this girl.

Next week, Pia’s going to be singing a little ditty on Dancing with the Stars, and – wait for it – Mark is going to be dancing to her song! Is that not the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard?  Does that not make you feel like love truly exists in this world, like anything at all is possible because these two crazy kids found each other and are making it work?

If not, then you need to get some love in your heart and check back, friends.

Good News, Everybody: Pia’s Going to Be Just Fine

A photo of Pia Toscano

A lot of you apparently disagree with Molls and me about how silly Pia Toscano is, and that’s ok, because diversity is what makes the world interesting.  However, there’s no reason for any of us to get bees in our bonnets over this girl, because she’s already doing great for herself, and let me tell you all about it.

Did you hear that she already signed a record deal with Interscope?  Well, that’s mostly a lie:  there’s no contract as of right this second, but they want to do a single with her real soon.  They just have to clear it with 19 Management, the company that oversees all the Idol kids.  Pretty impressive, right?  But wait, there’s more.

You know who Pia went out with on Friday night? Mark Ballas, you know, from Dancing with the Stars?  And it went pretty well, judging by this awkward paparazzi clip from TMZ.

So friends, we can hem and haw all we please about whether or not Pia deserved to be eliminated so early or if she’s really all that amazing of a performer, but at the end of the day, sister’s just going to ride this train for all it’s worth, just as she should.  More power to you, girl.

Did You Watch Last Night’s Premiere of Dancing With the Stars?

photo of bristol palin the situation and florence henderson for dancing with the stars pictures

‘Cause I’ve got a secret: I didn’t. What, you’re wondering, was I doing that could have been so much more important than sitting through God-knows-how-many hours of The Situation and Bristol Palin and Michael Bolton (who I always spell ‘Bloton’ initially)? Missing all of that high-quality TEEVEE?

I was watching my New Orleans Saints positively wipe the field with the now-0-and-2 San Francisco 49ers. Yup. But I’m not here to talk about that, much as I’d like to (poor, poor Reggie Bush).

After the game ended at midnight ET, I begrudgingly opened my laptop to check out some of the highlights from last night’s premiere of Dancing With the Stars, and while some of them were quite good, and it’s always a pleasure to see Jennifer Grey do … something, I’m glad I made the decision to watch the game. Even if that was a given.

Did you watch last night? Who was your favorite? Do you think The Situation’s going to be porking Karina Smirnoff in the coming weeks?

Mark Ballas and Joanna Pacitti?

Mark Ballas and Joanna Pacitti Pictures Photos

First off, I would like to say that I hope the President’s little talk was DAMN good last night, because I was all excited for Idol and THEN IT WASN’T ON. Total devastation. How could they just move my favorite television show without sending out a mass email to the whole country and asking if it was okay? Nobody thinks about my needs anymore.

But my little Idol obsession, Joanna Pacitti — who’s not even on the show anymore, due to ineligibility — is already proving to be the most famous Idol so far this season! She stepped out at the Jonas Brothers’ movie premiere last night with her new boyfriend: Dancing with the Stars‘ Mark Ballas!

“She is the most supportive person in my life and she’s been great,” said Mark. “We get to spend a lot of time together [and] we do pretty much everything together.”

Said Joanna: “We both get each other and understand schedules and even on a musical level, I’ve never met someone that’s so passionate about music … that’s what I live for, so it’s amazing to be with someone who gets it.”

And as for Idol? Joanna says she has no hard feelings. “I actually had an amazing time on the show and I met some amazing friends…Everything happens for a reason and it’s opened up a lot of opportunities.”

Yay Joanna! Now go record a good album and stay in the spotlight so I can continue my weird obsession with you.