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Did You Watch Last Night’s Premiere of Dancing With the Stars?

photo of bristol palin the situation and florence henderson for dancing with the stars pictures

‘Cause I’ve got a secret: I didn’t. What, you’re wondering, was I doing that could have been so much more important than sitting through God-knows-how-many hours of The Situation and Bristol Palin and Michael Bolton (who I always spell ‘Bloton’ initially)? Missing all of that high-quality TEEVEE?

I was watching my New Orleans Saints positively wipe the field with the now-0-and-2 San Francisco 49ers. Yup. But I’m not here to talk about that, much as I’d like to (poor, poor Reggie Bush).

After the game ended at midnight ET, I begrudgingly opened my laptop to check out some of the highlights from last night’s premiere of Dancing With the Stars, and while some of them were quite good, and it’s always a pleasure to see Jennifer Grey do … something, I’m glad I made the decision to watch the game. Even if that was a given.

Did you watch last night? Who was your favorite? Do you think The Situation’s going to be porking Karina Smirnoff in the coming weeks?

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