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Steve Urkel’s Unstable, Lady-Beater Side Came Out to Play on Dancing With the Stars, Whee!

photo of steve urkel mug shot pics
From Us Weekly:

Dancing with the Stars celeb Jaleel White had a seriously bad rehearsal session with pro partner Kym Johnson on Friday — leading to a “heated” confrontation in which Mark Ballas and show producers eventually intervened, an insider tells Us Weekly exclusively. The Family Matters alum, 35, “flipped out,” the insider says, after he accidentally stepped on Johnson’s foot. When Johnson, 35, exclaimed “ouch” over his blunder, the insider says, White “got in her face,” and chastised her for “acting like a baby . . . He was shouting at her, calling her an ‘idiot.'”

As Johnson momentarily left the studio in tears, fellow celeb competitor Donald Driver overheard the commotion and “tried to calm him down,” the insider says. Unmoved, White “started going off on the producers and shouting about how they put him with a ‘stupid’ partner.”

So, what does this mean, then? Is Jaleel White going to pull a Chris Brown and try to punch his dancing partner to death on live television and think that’s going to earn him a perfect 10? Or be able to perform at the Grammys (twice!) in a few years when “people have forgotten about the incident”? Because I’ve got news for you: unless said dance partner somehow happens to be Rush Limbaugh or the Reverend Fred Phelps, ratings are going to be at an all-time low.

It’s a horse of a different color when you go from beating your wife behind closed doors to beating people infinitely more famous than you are for the whole world to see, you know.