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Quotables: And Now Peter Facinelli’s Side of the Story

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“I recently got divorced from my wife, which is really painful. It’s very painful to break up with somebody when you’ve been together for 17 years and you have kids. Jen and I are doing very well. She’ll always be in my life – I love her. [We’re both] very dedicated to being great parents.”

Yeah. It’s just a shame that only one of these people was very dedicated to being a great spouse. Because nothing says “I’m an awesome husband!” quite like dangling your trousersnake in the path of any and all semi-decent-looking Twilight freaks that stalk your ass in the backwoods of Canada while your wife sits at home, hoping and praying that she doesn’t have to endure the public embarrassment of you filing for divorce. Oh, and thinking you’re “teh hot” because you play THE DAD of a sensual, magnetic vampire.

OK. I’m officially done talking about this guy. He showed up as a blip on my radar for confirming my suspicions that he is, indeed, high-caliber douchenozzle, and now that I’ve used up all of my stupid Twilight jokes, I’m through, alright? I’m through.

Go crawl back into Lifetime movie obscurity, Peter.

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  • Whats ur problem with him? U throw with mud at him coz he divorced? What did he do, a crime? Ppl divorce all the time. He’s a fine actor and if u still havent learnt that personal and professional life dont mix, its about time u should.

  • He is hysterical on Nurse Jackie which is not at all on Lifetime soooooo……….In fact I’ve never seen Twilight so I didn’t know he was on that

  • Whoever is writting these posts lately must be on her period or something,i can understand her or him if she was writting hatefully about someone like Jessy James,but this is wild,just finished commenting on another hateful post on Whitney.

  • He is a douche. He cheated on his loving wife for no reason. He just probably got a boner and hooked up with the next girl
    He saw. Jamie Alexander isn’t to blame here but can u tell me why is he dating a woman 10 YEARS younger than him? And why did he have to break up the family?