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Steven Tyler’s Other Daughter Wants Some Fame, Too, OK?

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Does the name Chelsea Tyler ring a bell? ‘No’ to most of you? Yeah, me either. I mean, I knew that Steven had more than just Liv as his offspring, but I never really investigated what she was like too much. When you’ve got Liv Tyler in the family portrait, pretty much everything else pales in comparison, no?

Anyway, Chelsea is 22 years old and has done her first big modeling shoot: a steamy shower setting for the New York Post‘s Page Six magazine. Which, I believe, is the same magazine that Jon Gosselin’s ex-girlfriend did when she got into that whole I’m-going-to-be-famous-for-boxing thing. You mean to tell me that daddy couldn’t have pulled some strings here to at least get his *youngest daughter set up with something … I don’t know, credible? But I suppose Chelsea’s not exactly complaining. Here’s a snippet from the story Page Six ran, and she’s every bit as neat as you think she might be:

Chelsea Tyler is standing in a Midtown coffee shop waiting for a barista to brew her latte. Her face is expressionless, then suddenly falls into a full-on pout as three cappuccinos are scooped up by people who had been in line behind her.

Wearing a black beanie over her long brown hair, her strong cheekbones free of makeup, she looks like any Fashion Week model annoyed that her coffee fix has been delayed.

That is, until her order arrives and a smile tears across her face-a joyful grin unmasking her large teeth and revealing a face so familiar that strangers do a double take.

“People stop me out of the blue a lot,” she says, rolling her eyes as she grabs her coffee. “That’s pretty much all I ever get: ‘You look exactly like Steven Tyler.’ “

Later in the interview, Chelsea talks about how normal she actually is, all things considered:

“Being around my dad made me develop a resentment toward the entertainment industry. I was resentful of the industry for stealing my dad away from me, for making me feel like I couldn’t just have a regular little kid life. I wanted nothing to do with it.” … She waitressed and worked briefly as a cashier at American Apparel because she “loved the clothes and wanted the discount,” she says. “I think it’s really important to have a job. I’m not even close to some sort of trust fund kid. When it comes to that stuff, we’re very much on our own. I’m lucky in my life to have certain things, but I lived as a broke, dirty college kid for four years.”

She actually sounds pretty bad-ass and relatively normal, right? I think congrats are kind of in order, then. Here, girl. As a gift, I’ve gone ahead and created you your own category on our site so that you’ve got a home, should we decide to talk about you again. Doesn’t that make you feel so good and golden inside?

*Incidentally, Steven has a middle daughter, too, by the name of Mia Tyler. Mia’s also a model and will be thirty-four this year, I believe. This is Mia, who also shares the Tyler jaw and lips:

photo of mia tyler plus size model steven tyler daughter pictures photos pics

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  • Yeah, okay. I think we need a Common People quote here to denote some scepticism:

    “Rent a flat above a shop
    Cut your hair and get a job,
    Smoke some fags and play some pool,
    pretend you never went to school.

    But still you’ll never get it right
    Cos when you’re laid in bed at night
    watching roaches climb the wall
    If you call your Dad he could stop it all.”

    • U need glasses or a new brain. Even her father looks better than her. Liv&Mia are gorgeous, this one is butt ugy, she’s like death on 2 legs.

  • He clearly stole Liv from some home in Calabasas. Chelsea Tyler looks like a mutated Rosanna Arquette/Steven hybrid with a grin more frightening than the third daughter’s nudity.

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