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Christina Aguilera Is “Out of Control”

A photo of Christina Aguilera

“Tell me something I didn’t already know,” right? Of course Christina Aguilera is out of control. People who are in control don’t pull the kind of stunts Christina pulls at work, they don’t do everything in their beds, and they don’t have urine or menstrual blood or whatever it was running down their legs at funerals. I’m sorry, they just don’t.

But this week, Star magazine is going a little further than simply stating that Christina is “out of control.” Let’s check it out together, then we’ll discuss, ok?

From Star via Jezebel:

Most of what she is doing sounds like me, on vacation, but sources claim Christina Aguilera is “out of control.” She is “getting wasted a lot and just embarrassing herself.” Among her offenses: She “goes days without ever getting out of bed. She’ll have food brought to her, and she even drinks in bed too!” God I want to do this so badly. Room service! Another source says: “Her dressing room is always littered with wine bottles.”

And yeah, some stuff is not so nice, like how she left her son, Max, on his fourth birthday, to go get drunk. She and boyfriend Matt (who is “just in it for the ride”) went to dinner, where they had a few rounds of sake, and then to a club, where they ordered bathtub loads of vodka and cranberry and partied until last call.

But even more important than drowning her sorrows in booze is Christina’s weight, amirite? That’s why the mag offers a sidebar called “packing on the pounds.” Contrasting photos from Xtina’s “Genie In A Bottle” and “Dirrty” days — 1999 and 2002 — with current photos, as though any of us weighed the same at 18 years old as we do (or did) at 31.

The whole issue of Christina gaining weight is getting on my nerves from all sides now. As I’ve said before, if Christina thinks she needs to lose weight, then she should work on it, but the problem is really her clothing choices. Most people wouldn’t comment at all if she ever bothered to wear pants.

The part about her son though? That’s really sad, and I wouldn’t be completely shocked if it were true. I know you guys have made comments about how she hasn’t been photographed with her soon in a while and “hey, didn’t she have a little boy?” and I agree. She was photographed with Max right around New Year’s, and then towards the beginning of October, but there are many, many more pictures of Christina looking sloppy with her boyfriend than of Christina with her son. I’m not saying that that is proof that she’s been an absent mother or anything, but yeah, it does seem a little sad.

Basically what I’m saying here is “pull it together, Christina!” Oh, and “please reconsider your makeup!”