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Of Course This is What Beyonce Looks Like a Month After Birth

photo of beyonce post-baby pictures after baby photos pic
Honestly, would you expect anything else? And truly, if this set of photos does not completely convince you that the womb of Beyonce has never been tainted by a common baby, then I don’t know what to tell you.

On the flip side, if you’re one of the few who actually do believe that Beyonce both carried – and birthed! – her own child, then you shouldn’t be surprised by this news, either. Beyonce and Jay-Z have six nannies on hand. Six nannies. For one child. I’d say that probably gives a more than sufficient amount of time to work out in your own personal gym pretty much, you know, 23 and-a-half hours out of the day over these last four weeks.

Yes, this is what Beyonce looks a short four weeks after giving birth, and it lends a whole lot of credence to the rumors that she took Prednisone, a steroid that has side-effects like facial swelling and weight gain, both of which were witnessed at only the very end of B’s pregnancy. The funny thing about Prednisone (my brother used to take it when he was a little kid; he had some health issues of his own) is that once you stop taking it, the facial swelling and weight gain goes away almost immediately – especially if you haven’t been taking it long-term.

The Beyonce photos were captured while she attended her husband’s show at Carnegie Hall in New York City, where he performed ‘Glory’, the song he wrote for his daughter, for the first time. Here’s a clip:

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Sources close to Jay-Z say that after the reportedly-exhausting show, Beyonce and the hubs snacked out on celery and champagne, so maybe it isn’t all a loss, Beyonce stopping that Prednisone or hot wings or whatever it actually was. The health benefits of this child being in their lives are, by far, heavily outweighing the idea that Beyonce probably didn’t give birth to that child, and that’s good. Because when two people who can afford to bedazzle their baby’s bottles and provide them with round-the-clock nanny care in sets of three, it’s refreshing to see that their tastes wander to the conventional, and the healthy, too. You know?

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  • It sounds like they live a bit like Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. Very decadent, tacky, over the top wealth.

    Do you think she has a wet nurse too? Or two, or three?

    If she really wants to kill the rumours, she should publically expose some breast milk leakage on her dress front. Also, shouldn’t her breasts be much bigger than that if she’s lactating?

  • That’s a good picture. The others I have seen from that same night, she DOES look like a woman who had a child. Her breasts are very large and her legs and thighs has significant weight gain.

  • I don’t care what anyone says. This chick did not carry a baby – she ate steroids to gain weight while her sister got pregnant, gave birth and gave bey and jay the baby.

  • She never looked pregnant before and she sure as hell doesn’t look like a new mom now. Do they really think ppl are THAT stupid?

  • Beyonce did not fake birth u crazy stupid jealous bitchs u guy are just jealous cause she had a sexy body and bigger boobs so all u hater leave her alone she has a beautiful kid and a handsome husband so just back off and stop hateing on jay-z cause he has beyonce as a wife and had a baby with her so just back off bitch leave them alone

  • She looks ridiculously ferret like these days. Too much surgery ruined her once decent face. Does she really have any hair of her own??