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Quotables: Kelly Osbourne Spills on the Grey Hair

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“It’s something I’ve wanted to do my whole life. I’ve always wanted to be young and have grey hair. To me, I’m 27, I’ve got three years left, the way I look at it, to have fun with it, because once you’re 30, you look like a right idiot walking around with like rainbow, bright color hair and all different things like that.”

Wait, what? Does that mean in three years, Kelly‘ll stop doing childish things and allegedly falling off the wagon and publicly fighting a one-sided bitch-fight with people like Christina Aguilera? LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN.

Kelly recently appeared on The Talk with her grey hair, and was naturally asked why she’d chosen to dye her hair such an “unfavorable” color. The above result is your answer, friends. She’s “always wanted to be young and have grey hair.” I guess it really is as simple as that. See, I’m twenty-eight years old and when I don’t dye it, I have a thick streak of grey in the hair framing my face. I stopped dyeing my hair about 10 months ago, and I’m totally amazed by how much grey is actually there. I enjoy it, appreciate it, embrace it. Spending the last ten months with it, I’ve found that it suits me far more than any other artificial hair color could, so I kind of understand what Kelly’s saying.

However, we’ve got to keep in mind that this is the girl who once looked like this –

photo of kelly osbourne grey gray hair and orange face pics what not to wear photo

– And thought it was a completely OK look.

I’ve never fully trusted her after that, and even though she and I are kind of on the same page about having grey hair at a young age, I’m glad that I’ve got the upper hand here and don’t have to beat my hair into submission for it to be grey. It’s a good look one way or the other, but when you look like one of the original Oompa Loompas –

photo of oompa loompa pictures photos pics
– I think it’s high time to change your look, and maybe your medications, too.

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  • Does anyone know of a product that can improve the quality of grey hair? Soften it, and maybe even improve on the colour.

    There used to be a product called Gray Chic, which was supposed to do all sorts of wonderful things like make the gray hair look more blond, or golden…

    I am so sick of dying my hair. You have to do every six weeks.

    • You can get silver shampoos specifically for silver/grey and platinum hair, they’re mainly for upkeeping colour but they say they look after the hair too and keep it nice and healthy. I’ve used one by Regis and one by Loreal but there are a lot of them!

  • Gray hair care aside, though, that’s awfully judgemental of Kelly to say the over-30 crowd shouldn’t have fun with their hair. That’s a quasi-conservative statement that I never would have thought would come from her.

    Just wait till you’re 40, Kelly, then you will see how damn young 30 really is. And when you’re 50, you will see how damn young 40 actually is, etc…

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