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Sarah Jessica Parker to Replace Demi Moore in ‘Lovelace’

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Here is something I did not know: Demi Moore was originally slated to play Gloria Steinem in the bio-pic Lovelace.

This shocked me because—I’m sorry if this is rude, but—wasn’t Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle the last thing anyone saw Demi in? And even that was stunt casting. Does Demi really even act anymore?

And it’s all so sad because, like, Demi Moore really was the most talented person to come out of St. Elmo’s Fire, you guys. But the one-two punch of Striptease and G.I. Jane was a bit too much for any career, I guess.

So I kinda didn’t realize Demi Moore was even in the acting biz until today, when everyone started reporting that Demi Moore had been replaced. REPLACED! In the Lovelace movie!

Oof, this doesn’t look good, you guys.

Initial reports claimed that Mary-Louise Parker had won the role of Gloria Steinem.

Wrong! Now we know the truth: Sarah Jessica Parker is going to play the coveted part of Gloria Steinem. SARAH JESSICA PARKER HAS REPLACED DEMI MOORE.


Contrary to earlier reports, Sarah Jessica Parker will be replacing Demi Moore in Lovelace rather than Mary Louise Parker, which Us Weekly reported earlier.

Sarah will be playing the part of Gloria Steinem while Demi focuses on her recovery. Any Sex and the City fan out there should appreciate that this means there will be a Carrie and Mr. Big reunion on the big screen!

Chris Noth has already been cast in the film.

This is terrible! I don’t know how to feel about all this!

Also—and I know this isn’t exactly an age-appropriate casting call, but here goes anyway—I think we should give the role of Gloria Steinem to Jennifer Aniston, just because Jen called Steinem “the sexiest woman of all time.”

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  • She was actually in The Joneses with David Duchovny which I think was 2010? And then she was in that HBO movie about the theft of a diamond, with Michael Caine which I think was called Flawless? She was also in Another Happy Day(which she was alright in)-but homegirl is/was still getting jobs!

  • Didn’t like most Sarah Jessica Parker movies, unlike Demi Moore. I would take Moore over Parker in a movie anytime! What Parker did lastly beside cheap cheesy comedies?

    And there is two Lovelace movies? Lovelace and Inferno?… Do Hollywood learns anything?

  • SJP looks more like Steinem that Demi any way! I agree w/John she definately got the shit end of the ugly stick!