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Mary-Louise Parker

Uh, Is Bruce Willis A Little Drunk?

Bruce Willis is a bit of a non-entity these days. Sure, he’s still getting roles, but it’s far from his hey day and no one really gives a shit anymore. Anyway, if you want one way to make people give a shit, act really crazy during an interview. That’ll get ‘em talking, for sure! While doing a press junket for their new film RED 2, Mary Louise Parker (girl, lay off that Botox – you’re too beautiful!) and Bruce Willis (bro, lay off that Botox – you look like wax!) sat down to chat to Magic 105.4‘s Jamie Edwards about it. Only problem is, Bruce didn’t do much in the way of answering any questions… and he seemed kinda drunk.


  • Bruce claims that he can “can hardly keep his mind on this interview” as he looks blankly around him.
  • After becoming distracted by something outside the window, Bruce tells the interviewer to “go ahead” since he seems like he has “some great questions there”.
  • Mary Louise Parker seems increasingly embarrassed/distressed.

This whole thing is a disaster and very weird, but hey, I guess we’re talking about Bruce Willis now!

Shop Owner Claims Mary-Louise Parker Wanted To Kill Him

mary louise parker weeds

Mary-Louise Parker is being accused by an antique shop owner of threatening him. The altercation occurred when Daniel Seldin, NY shopkeeper, wouldn’t pay the check he owed to Parker’s friend who sells handbags in the store. Seldin alleges that Parker got very angry and called him a “fag” and added, “DO YOU WANT TO WAKE UP TOMORROW? I’LL MAKE ONE PHONE CALL.” Who’s she going to call, Uncle Andy?

According to TMZ,

[Parker's] rep insists Parker had nothing to do with the fight [...] In fact, the rep says as soon as it became clear to Parker that she was being roped into the situation … Parker left.

As for the “f*g” accusation — Parker’s rep says anyone who knows the actress knows she would never say that word.

We spoke to Seldin who insists his story is legit, adding, “I felt totally berated and violated.” Seldin says he has since paid Parker’s friend her money … despite the incident.

This is so bizarre. Is this a case of someone wanting to capitalize on a celebrity’s fame and try to make money or is it possible that Parker lost her temper? I’ve never heard of her lashing out like this ever. Have you guys?

While in the store, Seldin took a photo of Parker, saying it was taken during “her homophobic outburst.”

So bizarre.

Love It or Leave It: Mary-Louise Parker’s Awful Dress

A photo of Mary-Louise Parker

OK, YOU GOT ME. Because while the dress that Mary-Louise Parker is wearing here is pretty awful, it’s not really all that remarkable. Usually when I ask you guys to love or leave something, I think it’s unbelievably awesome or that it should be burned in a fire immediately, but this dress doesn’t fall into either of those categories. No, it’s just simply not all that cute.

But you guys. No, listen, you guys. We have to talk about Mary-Louise Parker.

I’ve always thought she was wonderful – have you seen Angels in America? If not, please set aside six hours this weekend to watch it, and then an additional two hours to cry it all out and realize all the ways that it’s changed your life – but now I have a full-fledged crush. Hard. See, I started watching Weeds just a couple of weeks ago (I know, I know), and it’s amazing. I love it so much. It’s just such a great show, and Justin Kirk is there too, and it’s a very happy place for me right now. And Mary-Louise Parker is just so good, and so, so very pretty.

Here’s the space where I wrote a 600 word paragraph about how beautiful her eyes are and how I could stare into them for decades, but I deleted it because I didn’t want to creep anyone out.

So yeah, Mary-Louise Parker, huh? Are you guys into it, or should I save any future discussion of her for my Myspace blog?

Mary Louise Parker Sticks Up For Jennifer Aniston, Single Moms

Jennifer Aniston recently went up against Bill O’Reilly after he made some comments on his show about how her movie The Switch glamorized single motherhood and now their debate is being brought up with just about anyone who might have a comment on the subject. Mary Louise Parker did an interview with Vanity Fair to promote the current season of Weeds, but somehow the interview wound up on the topic of the Aniston/O’Relly debate:

Jennifer Aniston got some flack recently from Bill O’Reilly because she said it’s O.K. to be a single mother. O’Reilly went so far as to call her opinions “destructive to society.” I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this already, but as a single mother who plays a single mother on TV, do you disagree?

I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Why is being a single mother destructive?

I’m not sure I follow his argument. Something about the nuclear family and fathers being disrespected.

Give me a break. He sounds like an idiot. Who is he again?

He’s got a show on Fox News.

That’s the right-wing channel? Well, there you go. Maybe he’s right, I don’t know. I don’t think you necessarily have to be part of a traditional nuclear family to be a good mother. A lot of children from traditional nuclear families have really unhappy childhoods, and they have dysfunctional, distant parents who don’t pay attention to them. Also, some people don’t plan on being single parents. It’s not like you’re sitting at home and thinking, “Wow, I’d really like to do this by myself. I’d love to wake up six times a night and change diapers and have nobody to help me. That’d be great!” I certainly didn’t do that.

So you’re not buying O’Reilly’s theory that single mothers are destroying the fabric of society?

I think that opinion is pretty narrow-minded. People like him—and I don’t even know who he is, so this is just a guess—they usually just say shit like that for attention. He probably comes from a nuclear family and didn’t get enough attention as a child.

As someone who grew up in a single parent household and can see the pros and cons of this type of environment, I have to say that I’m appreciative of both MLP and Aniston’s statements. It’s quite obviously not ideal to grow up “missing” a parent, but if a child is nurtured and cared for by their one parent, then that’s really all that matters. Biology doesn’t wait for a sociologically ideal time to kick in, right?

Sneak Peak of James Franco in Howl

Sundance is coming up which means that shortly we’re going to be hearing about all the awesome films we should see but technically can’t because they’re impossible to find. But! was able to hook it up with a preview of four clips from the much-buzzed-about Howl starring my ex-boyfriend James Franco. A description sent to Collider by the filmmakers:

In 1956, one of the most controversial works of American art galvanized a generation.  Now, the story behind Allen Ginsberg’s HOWL come to life in a genre-defying feature film that is at once a legal drama, a character study and an animated trip into the magic and madness of the modern world.

James Franco stars as the young Allen Ginsberg – poet, counter-culture adventurer and chronicler of the Beat Generation – who recounts in his famously confessional, leave-nothing-out style the road trips, love affairs and search for personal liberation that led to the most timeless and electrifying work of his career, the poem “Howl.”

There’a more information about the film here, but let’s focus on what we’re seeing in the clip. I’m thinking that, based on what we’re seeing in the YouTube video, this could be a fantastic film or a complete disaster. I am intrigued by every part of it, but not sold on any of it, particularly Franco’s performance. However, he looks sexy as hell with that beard and I don’t even like beards, so maybe he could change my perspective on all sorts of things.

Are you looking forward to seeing Howl? Heard any good buzz about other Sundance flicks?


Mary-Louise Parker narrowly avoids an upskirt in the audience of the Tony awards.

She looks fantastic, though.

And this is the first and last you’ll hear about the Tonys around here. Ah, live theater. As accessible as it is entertaining.