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Mary-Louise Parker

Mary Louise Parker Sticks Up For Jennifer Aniston, Single Moms

Jennifer Aniston recently went up against Bill O’Reilly after he made some comments on his show about how her movie The Switch glamorized single motherhood and now their debate is being brought up with just about anyone who might have a comment on the subject. Mary Louise Parker did an interview with Vanity Fair to promote the current season...

Sneak Peak of James Franco in Howl

Sundance is coming up which means that shortly we’re going to be hearing about all the awesome films we should see but technically can’t because they’re impossible to find. But! was able to hook it up with a preview of four clips from the much-buzzed-about Howl starring my ex-boyfriend James Franco. A description...


Mary-Louise Parker narrowly avoids an upskirt in the audience of the Tony awards. She looks fantastic, though. And this is the first and last you’ll hear about the Tonys around here. Ah, live theater. As accessible as it is entertaining.