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Mary-Louise Parker narrowly avoids an upskirt in the audience of the Tony awards.

She looks fantastic, though.

And this is the first and last you’ll hear about the Tonys around here. Ah, live theater. As accessible as it is entertaining.

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  • I worked on one film with her. Crazy bitch. She wanted to get a grip fired because she thought he was always looking at her. In person she is about as attractive as a bag lady.

  • Actually I should correct myself. The guy was an electric on that film, not a grip.

    The final straw that caused her to try to get this guy fired was one day we were shooting at a house and that electric was looking in the basement for the electrical panel. He opened one of the doors and standing there half dressed was Mary-Louise Parker. You could imagine how it didn’t go well when she already thought the crew member was obsessed with her.

    The female wardrobe person with her should have been guarding the door to prevent this sort of accident. It wasn’t the electric’s fault at all. This of course didn’t stop her from demanding that the producer fire this poor crew person. Believe me none of us found her attractive.

    Another crazy story with Mary-Louise Parker was during a sex scene in a parked car. There really was no nudity in the scene but she was paranoid about people looking at her. She literally was going around the set asking “does he need to be here?”. One by one she pointed at the handful of people and wanted to know if they could leave. The assistant director had to tell her “No, he is the gaffer”. “No he is doing the lighting cue” “No he is also do a doing a lighting cue” “No, he is the boom operator doing sound”

    I guess you had to be there to appreciate her insanity.

  • thats weird because i did two films with her and she was really nice. very quiet but always gave rides to the crew in her car and none of the other actors did. and she bought an ice cream truck in for the crew twice. keeps to herself usually but very nice, humble. very pretty. i mean, not heidi klum but fresh.