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Father’s Day Outing

Tobey Maguire and wife Jennifer Meyer take little Ruby Sweetheart out for a stroll in West Hollywood.

Ruby is very interested in her hands.

And the tank top tucked into the jeans that Jennifer’s rocking? I actually really like that look. I know I shouldn’t, but I do. I think it’s because I have stomach envy. I mean, some women store fat in their arms, some women store it in their legs, some in their butt. I store fat in my stomach. It’s like my body’s Fort Knox of fat. No matter what I do, I can’t lose my tummy fat. Thus I could never look cute like that. Maybe that’s why I like that look so much.

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  • That’s where I gain weight. In high school and university, when I was ridiculously skinny, I always had a little tummy. And I’m short-waisted so I can’t tuck anything in and even though I can’t wear that look, ew, I’m not digging it. She’s wearing mom jeans. And to be a total bitch, that girl is not pretty. I mean, think of Tobey in Spider-Man 1, that body and the boyish charm. He can score better (although her daddy’s very well connected so if he steps out, he’s fucked his career).

    She’s also wearing sunglasses that Michael J. Fox must have worn in a movie poster back in the day.

  • I feel your pain Beet! I am a tummy-fat-gatherer too, not a very feminine place at all to store fat. Very hard to hide, too, other than for those babydoll tops but people start thinking you are preggers after a while.

    I like this look and I totally think it is because I could never pull it off. Also, no need to be so mean Persistent Cat, she looks perfectly fine. She is just out and about with her family, not attending some glamorous event.

  • I think she looks great. Those aren’t mom jeans.

    And yeah, I hate my own tummy something fierce.

  • Ha, the only people who are replying to this are those of us who store our fat in our tummys. Wtf is up with that? My only saving grace is that I hope to not have stretch marks whenever I have a kid… my tummy is used to stretching out already.

  • There was a post in April that they were expecting their second child in October. She definitely doesn’t look 5 months pregnant.