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Um, Did You Guys Know That Jim Carrey’s Daughter is on American Idol?

I didn’t. I stopped watching the show two years ago, believe it or not. I used to be a hardcore Idol lover, but the novelty eventually wore off and now, honestly, I couldn’t be bothered.

Today, though, I saw the clip of Jane Carrey‘s audition, and I have to say … I honestly wasn’t blown away. At all. Girlfriend’s got a pretty voice and she’s definitely better than a lot of tone-deaf auditionees, but honestly? I kind of think that she went through to Hollywood because producers didn’t want to upset the Jim Carrey boat. I mean, come on. Jim Carrey’s way bigger than American Idol. It’d be like, I don’t know, a daughter of Steven Tyler trying to get into the fashion business or something and everyone telling her ‘no’. That just doesn’t happen that often.

I commend girlfriend here for going it on her own, i.e., via the channels of American Idol and not having daddy pull any strings (visible ones, that is), but come on. Your father’s Jim Carrey. Did you expect the show to say, “No, sorry, you’re just not good enough”? ‘Cause it probably just won’t happen.

All in all, I thought it was a decent audition. Decent enough to probably go to Hollywood, but if they were looking for a hook for this girl’s story (aside from that whole “being Jim Carrey’s daughter” thing) in order to supplement her pretty-good voice, it just wouldn’t be there otherwise, and she may or may not end up making it to the next round. Truth is as truth does, my friends.

What did you all think of Jane’s audition? Would it be good enough for the average person to get through to the Hollywood round, or did you, too, kind of think it was sort of forgettable?

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  • You are late to the game, but I’ll reply.. Some strings were indeed pulled. Rumor has it her “audition” was by appointment, not by suffering outdoors on like with a billion other hopeful souls.. And she may be a nice girl, (Obvi I do not know her) But if her last name was not Carrey.. She would have gone home. All I’m saying.