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Stars Without Makeup: Snooki!

A photo of Snooki

Whoa. Are you guys seeing this? Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Because what I’m seeing is that Snooki looks absolutely amazing without makeup. Like, this girl is positively gorgeous. She’s so gorgeous that I almost used the word “radiant.” This is blowing my mind.

If you’re not as astounded as I am, please keep in mind that the girl you see above usually looks like this:

A photo of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

Crazy, right? Underneath the pounds and pounds of bronzer, the totally unnecessary fake eyelashes, and that pale shade of lipstick that Snooki is so fond of but that I personally have never understood, this girl is such a looker. Why doesn’t she do this all the time? Why does she insist on piling on all that makeup when this is what she has going on underneath it all? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

Ok, real quick though: I need an objective viewpoint here. Because, despite everything, I kind of love Snooki. I know that she’s pretty dumb sometimes, but … come on! I just think there’s something so likable about her. I wish we were friends so I could tell her to stop drinking so much and to stop getting dumb tattoos and to pick up a book. She would be like “thanks, sister, I’m getting my life together! What would I do without you?” And I’d be like “I don’t know, Snooks. I just don’t know.” And then I’d shake my head but I’d still give her a smile, and then we’d hug and go out for ice cream.

I’m sorry, what?

What I’m saying is that I need you guys to let me know if Snooki is as beautiful without makeup as I think she is.

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  • you are absolutely right, girl, se looks gorgeous without makeup! and she looks horrible with makeup. nooooooo idea why she prefers to look like a ho

  • She does look better…but she’s still wearing make-up. It’s just the make-under look. So yes, she looks better in make-under make-up.

    • Other than perhaps a moisturizer and clear lip gloss, she’s not wearing any makeup. Her skin tone is uneven around her mouth, nose and under-eyes. The picture is blurry since it has been taken with a phone camera, but I’m pretty sure she’s really not wearing anything other than lip gloss.

  • So much better! She is def wearing make up, just concealer and foundation. There is no way she doesn’t have dark circles under her eyes with all the traveling and partying she does.

  • She looks so much younger and “fresher”! But I wonder if it’s like body dismorphia – you can’t see your own beauty for what it is, you think you need all that makeup to look better. Too bad.

  • Holy cow! She looks amazing without all the gunk on her face. And yes, she is wearing a tiny bit of makeup though. A bit of eyeliner and concealer.