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Do You Want to See What Beyonce’s Hospital Room Looks Like?

A photo of Beyonce

Of course you do, silly! You want to see every inch of that private suite where Beyonce‘s baby, Blue Ivy, came into this world. Or where we’re supposed to believe she came into the world. Or whatever. Yes, you want to see all the flat screen televisions and the private kitchen … yeah, it actually has those things.

From TMZ:

Lenox Hill Hospital constructed a suite for VIPs which looks like a Four Seasons penthouse … and the room was christened Saturday when Beyonce gave birth.

TMZ has obtained photos of the room where Blue Ivy came into this world, and it’s baller. There are 4 flat screen TV’s, state of the art electronics, a kitchenette, nice art, mahogany walls and plush furnishings. And take a look at the bed where Jay Z got some shut eye!

Sources connected with the hospital tell TMZ … the suite was not constructed specifically for Beyonce, but it was always intended that Beyonce would be the first patient to use it.

Well, at least they didn’t get an entire wing, which is what the first reports said. It still seems kind of excessive though, doesn’t it? You’re having a child, not moving into an apartment. It’s wasteful, is what it is. Harrumph.

Speaking of harrumphs, did you hear that the New York Health Department investigated all those complaints people made about the star treatment Beyonce and Jay-Z got during their stay at the hospital? Well, the health department dismissed those complaints and shut down their investigation, but it turns out that the hospital itself is starting up its own “internal investigation into allegations about the mistreatment of maternity patients.” Here’s hoping somebody gets their comeuppance!

In other Beyonce baby news, you remember that song that Jay-Z released a few seconds after Blue Ivy was born, “Glory”? Yeah, thanks to that little ditty, Blue has beat the world record for the youngest person to have a song on the Billboard charts. For real. This girl is six days old and she’s already on the charts. Are you reconsidering every choice you’ve ever made too?

But really, all this talk is irrelevant. We shouldn’t be complaining about the shamefully excessive nature of the hospital suite or how absurd it is that this tiny baby is on the Billboard charts. What we should really be concerned about is that apparently this baby is actually Satan:

Talk about putting things into perspective, right?

Images courtesy of TMZ

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