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Carrie Underwood Saves Puppies Too!

A photo of Carrie Underwood

Just like Pink before her, Carrie Underwood has learned that the secret to making the people love you, unconditionally and forever, is to save the life of an adorable, lovable puppy. Or another option could be that Carrie Underwood is a good person with a conscience and a heart who knows that it’s reprehensible to throw your dogs out of your moving vehicle while you’re speeding down the interstate.

Either way, here’s the story of how Carrie Underwood rescued an injured dog, helped nurse it back to health, and became one of my heroes:

The singer pulled over to help suffering dogs on the median of an interstate highway between Oklahoma and Tennessee after paying a visit to her parents’ house over the holidays.

“I had Ace and Penny [Underwood’s dogs] and a trunk full of luggage and presents in the SUV,” she wrote on her fan club website on Dec. 30.

The country singer moved one of the dog’s “bloody” and “limping” body to her car. Unfortunately, the other dog had died. “My guess is that the dogs were thrown out of their car by their owners on the highway.”

Underwood took the injured pooch under her wings for the time being and named her Stella.

After a trip to the emergency vet to get groomed, the CMA Awards host tried to find a permanent home for her little friend.

As of New Year’s Day, Carrie reported that Stella was getting house trained, recovering from her road rash and getting her teeth cleaned.

“She follows me around from room to room,” Underwood wrote. “She’s the best Lab I’ve ever been around!”

A day later, we learned that Stella had been adopted by some neighbors down the street, “I cried when she walked out the door,” Underwood wrote. “[Husband Mike Fisher] told me not to be a crazy ex-girlfriend about it and stalk them…I can’t help it! She deserves the best life ever!”

Is anyone else completely in love with Carrie Underwood now? To be honest, the most I’ve ever thought about her was back in 2006 when she had that “Before He Cheats” song everywhere; I thought it went a little too far, that there are probably better ways to deal with your anger towards your boyfriend who might be cheating on you than to key his car and carve your name into the seats, and that if I had to see this one drag queen at the gay bar do that song one more time, I was going to explode. But now I love her! Isn’t that great?!

What about you guys? Do you think more highly of Carrie Underwood now that you’ve heard her rescue story, or are you mostly just completely disgusted by the sorry people who did this to their dogs in the first place? It’s also completely acceptable to feel both of these things.

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  • No.. I pretty much always liked her. She’s monstrously talented (unlike our discussion about the unmentionable earlier), and seems o.k. to me. And that “Before He Cheats” is a song. That’s .. a “song”. This is “real life”. And in “real life” she seems .. “O.K.”, like, a human being and all.. So good for her…

    Rock on!

  • I hated that stupid-ass song!! It should come with a disclaimer…”anyone considering vandalizing someone else’s property will be arrested and jailed.” I guess that part of the song was left out. Wait, those awful shoes she’s wearing do look a little like ankle monitors….hmmmm.

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