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Your Daily Gosling

photo of eva mendes and ryan gosling traveling 2012 pics photos your daily gosling pics
Oh snap, guys, two days in a row. Why do I have a feeling that Gosling and Mendes are on a publicity spree, allowing themselves to be photographed day in and day out? Why do I suddenly believe that this might all be a publicity stunt in order to drum up even more love for Ryan and “respect” for “serious actresses” like Eva Mendes?

Here’s the most recent photos of the couple, embarking on some whirlwind trip that’ll probably result in even more photos. Hey, maybe if we’re lucky enough, we’ll catch some full-frontal on-window sex from these two. Seems that way from the road they’re traveling, no? I mean, why not? It’s not like people haven’t seen Eva Mendes’ tits splashed all over the place, so it won’t be a huge surprise to see her getting it from behind, even if it is from someone who’s way too good (or is he?) for her.

Lastly, I just love how Eva’s all covering her shit-eating grin all like, “Teehee, I’m with Ryan Gosling, bitches, eat it.” That’s some hardcore class right there, guys. Gag a maggot.

Image courtesy of Celebuzz