Want to See Michael Fassbender Banging a Girl Against a Glass Window?

Michael Fassbender, who looks hot in pictures and who I guess was in some X-Men movie, was photographed having sex with a fully naked women up against a window in New York’s The Standard Hotel yesterday. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just some random act of practically public fucking, Michael and his co-star (who I can’t identify, can you?) were filming a scene for his new movie, Shame, which also stars Carey Mulligan. I would be shocked if she’s partaking in a scene like this, though.

For the TOTALLY NSFW (if you work at one of those kinds of places), full-frontal, basically pornographic photos, click through for the gallery…


  1. blasted1 says:

    Did you hear about this guy getting horses horny on the set of Jane Eyre? Coincidence or is the publicity machine working over-time?

  2. cc says:


  3. froe says:

    learn the difference between ‘women’ and ‘woman’ if you’re going to write a public article…actually if you’re going to write at all.

  4. ron says:

    Dont get bitchy ladies think about this as a whole “You all looked at this site for a reason! WHAT WAS THAT?” You are all crazy size ho-s! face it!