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Quotables: Where Is Santa Going to Be Tonight?

A photo of the Kardashian Christmas card

“We’re having our annual Christmas Eve party with my whole family. I don’t think Khloé’s spending Christmas with us this year…Santa Claus comes every year and comes and visits our Christmas party but only ours. Only the real Santa comes to our Christmas party.”

Kendall Jenner explains her holiday plans.

Did you catch that, everybody? Santa Claus is partying with the Kardashians this year. I know there’s that silly story that Santa visits children with gifts and goodies on the night of Christmas Eve, but no. He only visits the Kardashians. So don’t hold your breath.

Also, did you catch the part where she said that Khloe isn’t spending Christmas with her family this year? Are you convinced that she’s the best Kardashian yet?

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