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Julia Roberts Has Adele’s Back

A photo of Julia Roberts

You remember when Adele said that she’s been talking to her ex, the guy she wrote all those songs about? And I said was worried about her? It’s because I actually do worry about Adele, and I sincerely care about her happiness and her well-being. Is that weird? Well, then Julia Roberts and I are just a couple of wacky weirdos, I reckon.

She [Julia] said: “Anybody that’s going to date her is a brave man. You’re going to get a whole lot of love, but you’d better treat her right, or we’re all coming after you.”

Julia became a fan after being given a copy of 21 by her hairdresser — and she’s far from the only one to be blown away by the North Londoner.

Julia explained why Adele has been such a success. She said: “Adele’s music is so personal that you get invested in her life. When Adele had her health scare, I had random people saying to me, ‘Oh my God, did you hear about Adele?’ We feel like Adele’s in our book club or she lives in our neighbourhood — that’s a gift, to make people feel that way.”

I totally feel you, Julia, but why did you have to bring to my attention that Adele isn’t actually in my book club and that she doesn’t actually live in my neighborhood?  What am I supposed to do tonight, not pretend like Adele is coming over to hang out and bake cupcakes and sing to me? Way to be a total bummer, Julia. Ugh.

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