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Quotables: Adele Is Talking to That Dude She Wrote That Album About Again

“We’re becoming friends again. It’s alright, I know what I’m doing. Enough time has gone by. Now with what’s going on with the album around the world it’s important to be able to share it with him because it’s marvellous what has happened. He changed my life, I can’t deny that. The album helped me get over splitting up with my boyfriend. It helped me forgive and I hope that he has forgiven himself.”

Adele lets us know that she’s been back in touch with the inspiration to her phenomenal album, 21.

You guys, I worry about Adele sometimes, I do. I think it’s fair. I mean, if you write songs like “Rolling in the Deep” and “Someone Like You” about a guy, do you think he really deserves a second chance?

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  • why not? the second chance is not ours to give. we havent lived through what she experienced with him…the love, the hurt, the LOVE.

  • I agree. After all, she’s still just a baby. Some times that first love can be hard to shake.

    I wish her nothing but the best; although I hope it isn’t a stunt to keep her relevant. That would seriously disappoint me.