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Love It or Leave It: Lea Michele Looks … OK?

A photo of Lea Michele

Oh heavens. What … what is happening to me? Can it be? Can I truly be looking at a photo of Lea Michele without wanting to set my computer on fire? Can I truly think that Lea Michele actually looks good here?

I suppose so, friends. Because I scanned this photo of Lea Michele at the New Year’s Eve premiere, and believe me, I looked hard, and I couldn’t find anything wrong with the way she dressed herself or her makeup or anything, which, yes, is extremely remarkable. I, Emily Trainham, could not find one bad word to say about Lea Michele here.

I feel like I’m losing myself. Like I’m going in this wildly different direction, and I can’t – OH WAIT, HER HAIR LOOKS KIND OF GREASY. EWWWWW, LEA!

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