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Love It or Leave It: Courtney Stodden’s Church Clothes

A photo of Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison

When I was a kid, my parents didn’t make me go to church. I went to vacation bible school every summer, but that wasn’t so much because I was into church, it was more that I really missed going to school and I thoroughly enjoyed coloring pictures of Jesus. But when I stayed at my cousins’ house, my crazy aunt did make me go to church. I can remember packing up some clothes for a sleepover and being filled with excitement until my crazy aunt poked her head in my room to say “don’t forget some church clothes!”

And that is how I know that what Courtney Stodden is wearing up there is most certainly NOT church clothes. Church clothes are modest and conservative: nice cardigans and skirts that are at least knee length. Somehow Courtney missed that memo and instead wore her usual mess (Courtney, honey, your toes go inside your shoe) to church last Sunday.

Is this appropriate? Is it cute? Does anyone understand why she insists on wearing that awful arm band?

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  • omg! i want to say that EVERY TIME I SEE A PICTURE OF THIS KID!!!!!! wtf? get rid of the damn thing! you are not aphrodite, i dont care what doug says in his lucid moments, take it off. i can just imagine the green mark its left around her arm. or maybe its a “keep the child bride in line” device that has been gussied up a bit. hm. oh well, im just glad someone finally said what i’ve been thinking all this time. she has money you know. i could understand if she had a few different kinds, but no! oh no! just the one for her.
    and no, that is not a good church outfit. the preacher probably had to hide his damn boner all the live long day. i love the look the woman behind her is giving. she’s jelly as hell!!!!!