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LOL, Lindsay’s Co-Workers at The Morgue Pranked Her!

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Oh man, you guys, I love a good prank. When I was little, my brother and I would go in our sister’s room and lock the door and do things like call boys she liked and actually tell them she liked them, and sometimes we would even put glue on our hands and then dry it with her hair dryer so we could peel it off quick (did anyone else ever do that?) and we would leave the dried glue on her floor! We were SO FUNNY.

Luckily, Lindsay Lohan‘s co-workers down at the morgue also have a mischievous side to them, because they decided to play a little prank on her involving body parts. Sounds great already, right?

See, the morgue workers bought a rubber hand and then made it all bloody and dead-looking before tossing it in a trash can. The very same trash can that Lindsay has to empty as part of her community service. Poor Lindz found the hand and, needless to say, she completely freaked.

But why would anyone play such a prank on a nice girl like Lindsay Lohan?

“Lindsay has a real attitude – always acting like she’s better than anyone else and spending much of her time taking cigarette breaks,” confided a volunteer who’s worked with her.

“She speaks to no one unless she has to, and mopes through the work she’s assigned, like mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and washing dirty sheets.”

Oh.  Well, that’ll do it.

The volunteer also reported that Lindsay didn’t take the joke well, saying “I can’t believe anyone would think this was funny! It’s really morbid – and so is everyone here!’”  Harsh words, Lindz. Way harsh.

Does anyone have any other good prank stories or more ideas for pranks for these good-humored morgue workers?

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