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OK, dammit, I want an explanation on this one. Full-blown explanation as to why (and how! LOL) Dean McDermott accidentally posted a photo of wife Tori Spelling‘s tits. My curiosity, however, stems from the fact that Tori’s laying around with her tits hanging out. In front of her, what, almost five year old kid?

I get it, I really do – she’s probably breastfeeding, and the kid got a boo-boo or something and walked in in the middle of a feed. OK. Way embarrassing, right? Especially since it’s not the most flattering (realistic, yes, thank God) photo, you know?

The Tweet has since been pulled, but once the shit hits the ‘net, there’s no taking it back.

Anyway, there’s no taking it back, so click through to see the uncensored photos of the Tori Tittie Tweet that should have never been!

photo of nude tori spelling tits uncensored tweet pictures


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  • Why embarrassing? I mean, she’s at home, that’s her kid and her husband. I have seen my mum’s tits hundreds of times, she used to do topless at the beach and, gasp! changes herself in front of me when we’re sharing a room in a hotel or something. Don’t know, not that weird.

  • i don’t think it’s a big deal. they’re just breasts, she is breast-feeding, she is just using them for what they are made for.
    the internet is full of tits, so what? she shouldn’t be embarrased.

  • My son is almost 4 and my boobs are out all the time because I nurse my 5 month old. I do feel bad he didn’t notice her boobs in the pic but no, not weird shes topless