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Johnny Depp and Ricky Gervais Get Passive-Aggressive in ‘Life’s Too Short’

Photo: Don't worry! Ricky Gervais and Johnny Depp are cool

The Internet has completely lost its collective mind over this sneak peek from Life’s Too Short, a new sitcom from Ricky Gervais and collaborator Stephen Merchant.

The clip itself stars Gervais and Johnny Depp—two people who, lately anyway, have kinda set themselves up to be believably insufferable—so there’s plenty of schadenfreude here, a lot of devilish mirth. Ugh, I just hate those tinted sunglasses. And that hat! Does Johnny Depp really wear a hat like that, like, outside? What a doof.

Life’s Too Short is a mockumentary starring actor Warwick Davis—get it? Because Warwick Davis is really, really short? Don’t make me explain these things—with tons of celebrity cameos. The series arrives on BBC Two next month. And HBO has picked up the series, too! Yay! Aren’t you excited?

(Top image via Whatculture)

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    • Nothing to get! You nailed it! Well, Gervais is quoted as saying it’s more Curb Your Enthusiasm, but yeah, same thing. The only real hook is, this series stars a dwarf. And it’s mostly about him being short.

  • I think you’re on the mark on this one. Both of them have become a little too full of themselves, a common showbiz disease. Gervais can still be very funny. Extras was great, as was his hosting the Emmy’s (even though I think he crossed the line several times), but I think he’s become a little bit too sure of himself over the past year.

  • There’s something about the hat and the hair. Brad Pitt (and I think Charlie Sheen) did it too. Wore a hat for ages and then come out of it with hair that doesn’t look quite right.

    I hate to say this as I am a big Depp fan but I have yet to hear what procedure they going for, plugs?