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Judd Apatow Said Some Mean Things About Ricky Gervais at The Producers Guild Awards

People are still upset over Ricky Gervais’ jokes from the Golden Globes and not just people, important people who also have access to microphones and rooms with large audiences.

Last night at the Producers Guild Awards, director Judd Apatow took the mic and said what he thinks about the British comedian’s jokes. Here are some of his best lines:

“He had that joke about the guy on Lost. He said he ate everybody else. Let’s be honest — Ricky Gervais just lost weight. Even now he’s four pounds away from not being allowed to do a joke like that. Did he lose weight just to make fat jokes? You think that’s how mean he is?”

On Gervais’ joke about Charlie Sheen: “Leno did it a week before. I think he’s an OK target. The people at CBS have said as long as he shows up on time, knows his lines, he can do whatever he wants.”

On Gervais’ joke about The Tourist: “(Gervais) says the characters were two-dimensional. Then he says he hasn’t seen The Tourist. So as a comedian, that’s not fair, is it? To make jokes about a movie you haven’t seen. I can’t do a joke about (Gervais’s movie) The Invention of Lying because I haven’t seen it. You haven’t seen it. None of us have seen it. So the joke would not work.”

“Tim Allen did 200 episodes of Home Improvement. He was in three of the highest grossing movies of all time. And his latest just crossed the one billion mark. Whereas The Invention Of Lying made $18 million dollars worldwide…Leave Tim Allen alone.”

So, a lot of people are still pretty upset about the things Ricky said, I guess.

Thing is, I’m not sure that it matters if Hollywood’s mad at him. The dude’s not famous over here the way he is in the UK, so I don’t think he’s ever really relied on our audiences and our film industry to keep him afloat.

He was hired to host the Globes with the producers knowing exactly what kind of comedian he was and frankly, vilifying people never goes as far as the haters hope it would. In fact, when it comes to comedians, authors and tabloid princesses, it usually only helps.

Do you think Judd was right for calling Ricky out or do you think that he should have taken the high road?

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  • you’re exactly right. they knew what they were getting when he was hired (again) for the globes. that’s his sense of humor! people are just trying to rally together and bully him to give him a taste of his own medicine, but i have a strong feeling he doesn’t care one bit. judd just looks petty for jumping on this bandwagon. let it go! that’s who ricky gervais is…. and he’s funny!

    • I totally agree. Judd Apatow makes some of the foulest movies ever and he yet rags on Ricky for being mean. Pot meet Kettle…He needs to just shut up.

  • yea, he’s just trying to give ricky a taste of his own medicine – i agree – AND, of course, grab some media attention using the latest hollywood hot topic while he’s at it. team ricky!

  • wow Judd Apatow just lost some points in my book.

    there’s boundaries for comedy and stuff, but when it comes to Gervais and the GGs, it seems like Judd’s just being a anal overanalyzing sour puss.

  • Att Melly: Correct. How dumb is this guy Judd.
    And what is that hanging over his belt?
    What is even funnier is people saysing things like he will never work in this town again. FFS Mel Gibson still gets films.

  • Att Melly: Correct. How dumb is this guy Judd.
    And what is that hanging over his belt?
    What is even funnier is people saying things like he will never work in this town again. FFS Mel Gibson still gets films.

  • This Judd fucker should be happy he’s not called on to be a writer. His big slam is as lame as Molls left tit.

  • im more worried that he admitted the execs at CBS DON’T GIVE A SHIT what Charlie Sheen does as long as he shows up on set!!??!! thats ridiculous

  • I used to like Apatow, thought he made some funny movies, yet he can’t take some fucking jokes? Gervais is brittish, everyone knows their humour is much funnier then our own.

    I swear some people can’t take a fucking joke, remove stick from ass THEN laugh :)

  • Tim Allen in 3 of the biggest grossing movies ever???
    Hmmm, I love TA, but I don;t know about that one…

  • If he couldn’t be funnier than Gervais was, he shouldn’t have said anything. All he wound up doing was giving Gervais more publicity than he deserves and made a cheesy idiot out of himself. Someone needs to tell him that the Globe crap has jumped the shark. I don’t think any of the really mega-celebs give a damn what anyone says about them as long as their checks clear the bank, anyway.

  • Tim Allen may have been in the three of the largest grossing films of all time, but any time his puss appears on screen, the films stink! I have a little guy who takes to these types of movies, but “Wild Hogs”, “The Santa Clause”, “The Six Wives of Henry Lefay”, “Zoom” and “The Shaggy Dog” remake are five of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Tim must need the money, as only a D actor would take those roles.

    As for Gervais, I think he’s brilliant. As Piers Morgan said on his show the other night, “”I said it’s a bit like inviting a hammerhead shark out to dinner and then when he eats all the guests you start complaining.”

    Suck it up Hollywood types – if you are going to make a string of awful movies, abuse your partners, snort coke, or end up in a drunk tank, someone is going to nail you for it.

  • Gotta agree with all here – Ricky has a particular sense of humor that isn’t for everyone, and UK audiences definitely have a different taste. I think he’s a genius, and although I do like Apatow’s movies, I think they’re getting a bit dull. What’s next? Uh… Seth Rogan is a lovable loser who makes good. Do I win a prize? And yeah, they knew what they were getting. And in Ricky’s defence, if you hear him talk on podcasts etc he’s a very smart and humble guy. I’m a huge fan. I don’t get why people like Apatow do this shit in public. He didn’t like it when Katherine Heigl did it.