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First Photos of Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John!

Take your first look at the baby with two dads and five names!

Us Weekly was the magazine to score the exclusive photos of Elton John and David Furnish‘s little boy and they are adorable. The couple looks completely overjoyed and little Zachary is just adorable.

One question, though… What’s up with that solo picture of Elton with the Christmas tree? Regardless of when the photos were initially taken, it’s practically February, dawg (sorry, been watching a lot of Idol this week.)

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  • Photos of him with Christmas tree = the day his kiddo was born, so I’m guessing it was probably part of the whole “Christmas miracle baby” idea

  • it’s not a solo pic of Elton by the tree – in the actual magazine, Elton’s partner is standing on the other side of the tree – I think the center stitch of the mag cuts the photo in half, but his partner is there too. In a white bathrobe. The whole thing was weird I thought.

  • I don’t understand the bathrobes thing. They usually take pictures of new moms in a bathrobe with the baby, implying she had the baby not too long ago and is still recuperating. But neither of these guys popped this baby out (obviously) so what is with the robes?

    • He looks demonic in those sunglasses and I’m pretty sure that tree is dead, but yeah robes are pretty weird.