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Just Because: Pumpkins Dressed Like Lady Gaga!

A photo of a Lady Gaga pumpkin

I am so excited about Halloween, you guys. Aren’t you? Haunted houses and scary movies AND COSTUMES?! Are you kidding me? Come October 31st, I’m going to be roaming around town, dressed like a bear and trick-or-treating at my grandma’s house like the grown woman that I am. And that’s why I love this magical holiday.

Another reason? Carving pumpkins! I’ll confess, in all my Halloweens past, my carved pumpkins have been a little lacking in the creativity department (mostly because I just like the part where you get to play with all the squishy insides and pick out the seeds), but not this year. Now that I know I can style pumpkins like celebrities thanks to this beautiful gallery of Lady Gaga pumpkins, the sky is the limit. I don’t want to make any promises, but come November 1st, I might treat you to a meth-faced Lindsay Lohan pumpkin.

Are there any other pumpkins you might like to see? And, in the meantime, what’s your favorite Gaga pumpkin?

Images courtesy of City Rag

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